Share your expertise, broaden your horizons, and advance your career. Volunteers are an integral part of IEST and help support IEST's mission.

Why Get Involved? Three reasons to be an IEST volunteer. 

  1. Build organizational strength. That strength comes from growing and retaining members, enhancing programs, and the sense of ownership volunteers feel when they become advocates for the organization.
  2. Expertise and credibility. Member volunteers have the expertise and credibility needed to develop programs only IEST can offer. Volunteers promote the association because they believe in it. Never underestimate the power of peer-to-peer communication.
  3. Extend association resources. Volunteers help to extend the resources of the association and provide valuable input to the organization.

What Do Volunteers Get in Return? 

  • The satisfaction of giving back to the profession.
  • Increased knowledge and skills through networking with other knowledgeable peers.
  • In-depth understanding of the organization to grow the value of membership.
  • Prestige and career enhancement through building relationships with peers.

Join a Working Group
Have a voice in the development of Recommended Practices or Standards by joining a working group. You can influence the guidelines that will affect how you do your job in the future and change your professional world for the better. 

Serve as a Session Chair or Presenter
Help support the organization and gain contacts in your industry by volunteering at ESTECH, the annual technical meeting of IEST. Session chairs help moderate each session, and are the key contact between the ESTECH planning committee and the session presenters. As a session presenter, you can share your knowledge to the industry. Presenting can allow you to become a notable expert in your field.

Become a Course Instructor
Contribute your teaching experience by applying to become a member of the IEST Faculty. IEST offers continuing education training courses at our conferences, at select locations, and at customer facilities.

To be considered as an IEST instructor please do the following:

Learn more about the IEST Education Program.

Publish in the Journal of the IEST
Share your expertise, gain professional recognition, and contribute to your industry. The Journal of the IEST reaches a broad spectrum of the technical community and serves as a permanent record of progress in environmental science and technology. The Journal of the IEST is the official publication of the IEST and is of archival quality with continuous publication since 1958.

Serve as an IEST Membership Ambassador
Help reach new and prospective members by raising awareness of IEST to your colleagues and young professionals in the areas of membership, conferences, education, networking, industry partnerships, and standards and RP development.  Those interested in joining should be 1) passionate about IEST's purpose and mission, 2) committed to growing IEST's membership, and 3) able to advise new members on how to make the most of their IEST membership.  

Participate in a Chapter
Activity in a chapter offers additional benefits to members, affording the opportunity to attend and participate in local meetings and facility tours, and to exchange technical information. 

Become an Executive Board Member
Help shape the future of IEST—support the industry and organizational vision of “understanding, innovation, and professional growth” for all members. Find out more or submit a nomination! Deadline: December 1.

Submit a nomination for an IEST Award
Recognize the technical achievements of an outstanding professional in your industry by nominating him or her for the annual IEST Technical Honor and Awards program. Both IEST members and non-members are eligible to be recommended for technical awards. Recommendations are most appropriately made by the related Technical Committee or Division, but may be made by a chapter or individual as well. Only IEST members may submit nominations. Submit a nomination! Deadline: December 1.

Advance IEST Education Offerings - Join an IEST Committee 
Consider joining either the IEST Education Advisory Committee or the ESTECH Planning Committee. Education Advisory Committee members develop and update IEST's education strategy and schedule, including conference training, custom courses, and other educational opportunities to meets the needs of the membership and the industry. They also assist with reviewing course materials and auditors’ reports. ESTECH Planning Committee members help plan and shape the ESTECH Annual Meeting.