ISO 14644-12, Specifications for monitoring air cleanliness by nanoscale particle concentration
(US Title: ANSI/IEST/ISO 14644-12:2018)

ISO 14644, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments - Part 12: Specifications for monitoring air cleanliness by nanoscale particle concentration, is the first of the ISO/TC 209 documents to address the requirements of nanotechnology and is now available as an International Standard. The document was submitted as an American National Standard and has been adopted as ANSI/IEST/ISO 14644-12:2018.

Scope of ISO 14644-12
This part of ISO 14644 covers the monitoring of air cleanliness by particles in terms of concentration of airborne nanoscale particles. For monitoring purposes, only populations of particles with a lower size limit of 0.1 microns (100 nm) or less – “nanoscale” - are considered.The monitoring given in this document is for use mainly in “operational” states.

Note 1 to entry For the purposes of this document, reference will be made to “nanoscale particles”, which here signify all nano-objects having one (nanoplate), two (nanofibre) or three (nanoparticle) dimensions in the nanoscale.

Note 2 to entry It should be noted that the actual behaviour of particles in the cleanroom depends on their sources and physical behaviour.

Note 3 to entry Health and safety considerations are excluded from this document.

Also available: IEST-RP-NANO200 Planning of Nanoscale Science and Technology Facilities and IEST-RP-NANO205 Nanotechnology Safety: Application of Prevention through Design Principles to Nanotechnology Facilities

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