Membership Ambassadors are passionate about IEST's purpose and mission, committed to expanding our network of professionals, and eager to advise new members on how to make the most of their membership. Help reach new and prospective members by raising awareness of IEST through membership, conferences, education, networking, industry partnerships, standards and RP development. Serve as long as you wish and choose from a number of options to get involved based on communication preference and how you prefer to contribute.

Membership Ambassadors:
Thanks to our Membership Ambassadors for their commitment and involvement to IEST! Find out more about how you can get involved.

Executive Board Liaison
James N. Polarine (CC) - Membership Vice President

Membership Ambassadors
Oswaldo Andrade (CC)
Claudette Virginia Diaz (CC)
Srdan Gojkov (CC)
Greg Heiland (CC) Board Member
Katherine Henry (DTE)
Gioconda A Llopis (CC)
Abdalla Saad Mehanny (DTE)
Julio Pulido (DTE) IEST Board Member
Rogelio Rodriguez (CC)
Ben Shank (DTE) IEST Board Member

Hasim Solmaz (CC)
Randy Tucker (CC)
Amy C Zielenski (CC)

Membership Ambassador Program:
All current active IEST members are invited to serve as Membership Ambassadors to share industry expertise through outreach and promotion of IEST. Areas in which IEST Membership Ambassadors may be choose get involved include;

Membership Outreach:
- Welcome new members.
- Share ideas on how to recruit new members and enhance their experience.
- Assist with renewal efforts to retain existing members.

Conference Engagement:
- Engage with EDUCON and ESTECH conference participants.

Networking/Industry Partnerships:
Connect with industry peers and help IEST expand its reach, resources, and impact within the industry, consider hosting local social networking events.
Promote IEST Corporate Member Program; engage with companies to support their teams.
- Strengthen the relationship between IEST and academia to engage with young professionals to become more active within IEST.

Communications/Brand Awareness:
Promote IEST to raise brand awareness through social media, introductions and referrals, and cross-promotion with other affiliated industry groups.

Share your expertise, broaden your network, and help to promote IEST! Volunteers are an integral part of IEST and help support IEST's mission.

Contact IEST at to find out more about how to get involved!

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