The IEST Fellow designation is the highest honor awarded to an IEST member who has demonstrated unusual professional distinction and has made substantial or vital contributions to the advancement of the environmental sciences and to IEST.

Fellows are nominated by an IEST member, recommend by the Fellow Review Board, and approved by the IEST Executive Board. More information on nominating a member for IEST Fellow.

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2007Aldridge, Dustin S. Fellow
2023Amick, Hal Fellow
1961Amorosi, Roger J. Fellow
1961Askin, David Fellow
1982Baber, Stanley Fellow
1961Bakalish, Jerome Fellow
1978Baker, Richard L. Fellow
2005Banaszak, David Fellow
2010Bateman, Vesta Fellow
1985Bay, Arthur H. Fellow
2006Berndt, Charles W. Fellow
1981Betts, Austin W.*Fellow
1959Billet, Arthur*Fellow
1987Bond, David Fellow
2003Borson, Eugene*Fellow
1965Bouche, Dr. Raymond R. Fellow
1961Boyle, John R. Fellow
2008Cadwell, George*Fellow
1961Cammarata, John Fellow
1962Campbell, John D.*Fellow
1968Carpenter, M. Scott*Honorary Fellow
1988Caruso, Henry J. Fellow
1986Cazanjian, Rudoph S. Fellow
2000Chalmers, Richard J.*Fellow
1985Chenowith, Halsey B.*Fellow
1961Christensen, Mark S. Fellow
1963Clauss, Dr. Francis J. Fellow
1993Combs, Gary L. Fellow
1995Connon III, William H. Fellow
1969Conrad, Charles F.*Fellow
1996Cooper, Dr. Douglas W. Fellow
2012Crosby, David W.*Fellow
1994Crow, Dr. Larry H. Fellow
1984Curtis, Dr. Allen J. Fellow
1987Danch, Gabriel C.*Fellow
2010Davis, Edward B. Fellow
2023Diener, Roger Fellow
1998Dixon, Anne Marie Fellow
2000Dumelin, Markus B. Fellow
1987Earls, David L.*Fellow
2002Egbert, Herbert W.*Fellow
1996Ensor, Dr. David S. Fellow
1972Espenschade, Park W.*Fellow
2007Eudy, Jan Fellow
1993Favour, John D.*Fellow
1964Forsher, Bruno Fellow
2009Frith, Clifford (Bud) Fellow
1963Gardner, William A. Fellow
1965Gaudet, Joseph J.*Fellow
1964Geiger, Robert C.*Fellow
1981Geminder, Robert*Fellow
1964Gerdel, Robert W. Fellow
1963Gertel, Maurice Fellow
1968Gierke, Dr. Henning Von*Honorary Fellow
2007Gilbert, Humphrey*Honorary Fellow
1964Giles, Stuart Fellow
1968Grady, Daniel J. Fellow
1980Grady, Gordon E. Fellow
1987Gruenberger, Hans Fellow
2002Grzeskowiak, Henri Fellow
1965Hahn, Richard F. Fellow
2011Hale, Michael Fellow
1969Hallstein, Frank W.*Fellow
1994Hamma, George A. Fellow
1979Hancock, Robert N.*Fellow
1973Handle, Henry Fellow
1984Hermann, Fred*Fellow
1996Himelblau, Harry Fellow
1977Hoffman, Russell A. Fellow
1973Holingsworth, Russell T.*Fellow
1966Jackman, Kenneth R. Fellow
1959Jones, Harold C. Fellow
1994Kiewert Sr., Roy H. Fellow
1987Kimball, David V. Fellow
1989King, J. Gordon Fellow
1971Kirchman, Edward J.*Fellow
1962Klein, Dr. Elias P. Honorary Fellow
1995Krasich, Milena*Fellow
1996Lambert, Ronald G. Fellow
1963Latil, J. P. Fellow
2003Lee, Dr. Aleck L. Fellow
2002Lee, Dr. Y. Albert Fellow
1996Lemann, Pierre*Fellow
1988Lieberman, Al*Fellow
1996Lipp, Louie J.*Fellow
1970Losse, John D. Fellow
1991Lunde, Albert R. Fellow
1964Lunney, Edward J. Fellow
1963Mains, Robert M. Fellow
1986Mandel Jr., C.E. (Neil)*Fellow
1980Marone, Victor D. Fellow
1989Marsh, R. Claude Fellow
1989Marshall, Philip*Fellow
1993Merritt, Ronald G. Fellow
2002Mielke, Robert Fellow
1988Moller, Ake L. Fellow
1980Morrow, Charles T. Fellow
1965Mutch, Dr. W. W. Fellow
1963New, John C. Fellow
1976Nichols, Richard T. Fellow
1986Peck, Robert*Fellow
1987Peterson, Betty*Honorary Fellow
1982Peterson, Ralph R. Fellow
1995Piersol, Allan G.*Fellow
1961Ponge, Norman Fellow
1990Popolo, Joseph J.*Fellow
1984Pusey, Henry C.*Fellow
1987Rechtin, Eberhardt Honorary Fellow
1963Rich, Harry L. Fellow
1984Riehl, Jerry A.*Fellow
1985Rue, Herman D. Fellow
1975Rusch, Frederick W.*Fellow
1992Sanders, Clarence F.*Fellow
1997Scharton, Dr. Terry D. Fellow
1997Schicht, Dr. Hans H. Fellow
1998Schubert, Dr. Hiltmar Fellow
1998Scialdone, Dr. John J.*Fellow
1963Seaman, Ellsworth F. Fellow
1961Sexton, John J.*Fellow
1994Sherf, Zeev Fellow
1968Sigismund, Mark Fellow
1983Silver II, William Fellow
1978Simonsen, David Fellow
1986Smallwood, David Fellow
1998Stecher III, Joseph L. Fellow
1986Stokes, Konrad H.*Fellow
1996Stroud, Dr. Richard C. Fellow
1965Stuart, James C.*Fellow
1965Surosky, Dr. Alan E. Fellow
1984Swett, Col. Ben*Honorary Fellow
2003Swinehart, David C.*Fellow
1991Szymkowiak, Edward A.*Fellow
1986Tatro, Clement C. Fellow
1994Tauscher, Robert Fellow
1986Theiss, Edward C.*Fellow
1961Thompson, John M. Fellow
1996Tolliver, Donald L. Fellow
1984Turkheimer, Paul M.*Fellow
1967Tustin, Wayne*Fellow
1998Underwood, Dr. Marcos A. Fellow
1976Unholtz, Karl Fellow
1959Vandal, William L. Fellow
1964Vigness, Dr. Irwin Fellow
2015Vijayakumar, R. Fellow
1962Weakes, Victor G. P.*Honorary Fellow
2008Weaver, John Fellow
1964Wessel, Carl Fellow
2011Whitfield, Willis*Fellow
2001Whyte, William W. Fellow
1983Willoughby, Willis J.*Honorary Fellow
2004Wilson, Jon S. Fellow
1976Wyle, Frank S. Honorary Fellow
1959Yaeger, Raymond Fellow
1961Yost, John Fellow
2003Ziegahn, Karl-Friedrich Fellow