ISO 14644-8, Assessment  of air cleanliness for chemical concentration
(U.S. Title: ANSI/IEST/ISO 14644-8:2022)

ISO 14644-8, Cleanrooms and associate controlled environments - Part 8: Assessment  of air cleanliness for chemical concentration, is now available as a Standard.

Current scope of ISO 14644-8

This part of ISO 14644 establishes typical  assessment processes to determine grading levels of air chemical cleanliness (ACC) in cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, in terms of airborne concentrations of specific chemical substances (individual, group or category) and provides a protocol to include test methods, analysis and time-weighted factors for their determination. This part of ISO 14644 currently considers only concentrations of air chemical contaminants between 100 and 10−12 g/m3 under cleanroom operational conditions.

This part of ISO 14644 is not relevant for application in those industries, processes or productions where the presence of airborne chemical substances is not considered a risk to the product or process.

It is not the intention of this part of ISO 14644 to describe the nature of air chemical contaminants.

This part of ISO 14644 does not give a classification  of surface chemical contamination.

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