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8/9/22 - Out-of-This-World Idea Exchange, Newest Members, View Upcoming Courses, and More!

8/2/22 - In-Lab Training, Member Anniversaries, New Corporate Member Packages, and More!

7/26/22 - Suggest Monthly Meet-Ups, Submit Space Simulation Abstracts, and More!

7/19/22 - New Cleanroom Filters Guidelines, RAMS 2023 Now Open, and More!

7/12/22 - New IEST Executive Board, New Members, IEST-RP-CC044, and More!

7/5/22 - Get Involved with IEST, Member Anniversaries, Exhibit at ESTECH 2023, and More!

6/28/22 - ESTECH 2023 Announcement, Call for Presentations, and More!

6/21/22 - Cool IEST Summer Training, New Monthly Meet-Up, Recruit Members, and More

6/14/22 - Space Sim Registration Open, Member Anniversaries, New Test Courses, and More!

6/7/22 - IEST Help Center, New Members, Vibration Testing Certificate, and More!

5/31/22 - Update Your Guidelines, Join an IEST Working Group, and More!

5/24/22 - Recruit Members, Member Anniversaries, Remembering Lucy Belonger, and More!

5/17/22 - Access Conference Recordings, Get Published, Remembering Michael Mendias, and More!

5/10/22 - ESTECH Recap, 2022 IEST Award Winners, and More!

5/3/22 - It's ESTECH 2022 Time, Plan Ahead for World Standards Week, and More!

4/26/22 - Last Chance for ESTECH Registration, EO Sterilization Course, Special Election, PR001 Working Group, and More!

4/19/22 - Thank You IEST Volunteers, ESTECH Keynote Announcement, New Recommended Practice, and More!

4/12/22 - New MIL-STD Training, Hybrid Cleanroom Operations Series, Member Anniversaries, and More!

4/5/22 -  Book Custom Training, Meet Our Newest Members, Working Group Update, and More!

3/29/21 - Call for Instructors, 2 Reasons to Join IEST Now, and More!

3/22/22 - Present at RAMS, Space Sim Abstract Extension, Spring Savings, and More!

3/15/22 - Save Some Green, Access New Training Recordings, Welcome New Members, and More!

3/1/22 - New Courses in Contamination Control Training Series, 1 Week Left to Save on ESTECH, and More!

2/22/22 - Last Chance to Ask the Experts, Remembering David Swinehart, New Webinar Recording, and More!

2/15/22 - ESTECH 2022 Essentials, Remembering Herbert Egbert, Member Anniversaries, and More!

2/9/22 - New Blog Post, Space Sim Exposure, Latest Members, and More!

2/1/22 - Be Ours This Valentine's Day, New Recommended Practice Spotlight Webinar, and More!

1/25/22 - Contamination Control Strategy Series, New CACR Issue, Ask the Experts about MIL-STD-810, and More!

1/18/22 - Learn How to Earn Rewards, Last Chance for RAMS, and More!

1/11/22 - RAMS Registration, New Members, Membership Expiration Date, and More!

1/4/22 - Call for Instructors, Save on Training, and More

12/21/21 - Holiday Recipes + Discount Yule Have to Read to Believe

12/14/21 - 2021 Journal, New Members, Call for WG-CC005 Experts, and More!

11/30/21 - Share Your Knowledge, Support IEST, New Events, and More!

11/23/21 - Giving Tuesday, New Winter Training Courses, and More!

11/16/21 - Plan Ahead - New Classes, Share Your EDUCON Takeaways, and More!

11/9/21 - Nominate Board + Award Candidates, Attend Next Monthly Meet-Up, and More!

11/2/21 - Join Working Group Meetings Next Week, Welcome New Members, and More!

10/26/21 - World Standards Week, Comment on ISO/DIS 14644-4, and More!

10/19/21 - National Learning + Development Month, New Members, EDUCON Savings, and More!

10/12/21 - Celebrate U.S. Standards, New IEST Staff, Member Anniversaries, and More!

10/5/21 - Important EDUCON Update, Training Deadlines, Renew Your Membership, and More!

9/28/21 - Monthly Meet-Ups, Member Benefits, RP Spotlight Webinar Recording, and More!

9/21/21 - Training to Fall For, Member Anniversaries, and More!

9/14/21 - Two New Training Courses Announced, Newest Members, and More!

9/7/21 - New Blog Post, Monthly Meet-Up, Training Deadlines and More!

8/31/21 - EDUCON Best Rates End Today, Recommended Practice Spotlight, and More!

8/24/21 - 2022 Award Submissions, Welcome New Members, and More!

8/17/21 - New Training, EDUCON Savings, and More!

8/10/21 - Present at ESTECH 2022, Introducing IEST Monthly Meetups, and More!

8/3/21 - Plan for World Standards Week, Announcing RAMS 2022, Happy Anniversary, and More!

7/27/21 - Sign Up for EDUCON 2021, View RAMS 2021 On-Demand, and More!

7/20/21 - Train with IEST This Summer, Stay Connected + Informed with IEST, and More!

7/13/21 - New IEST Executive Board, New Members, and More!

7/6/21 - Cleanroom Design Course Deadline, Recruit Members and Earn Rewards, and More!

6/29/21 - Access Conference Recordings, Remembering John Sexton Sr., and More!

6/23/21 - Get Published, Maintain Your Member Benefits, and More!

6/15/21 - New Environmental Test Courses, Welcome New Members, and More!

6/8/21 - Spring Member Special, Member Anniversaries, and More!