ESTECH Planning Committee

The ESTECH Planning Committee is composed of the ESTECH Planning Committee Co-Chairs, VP of Planning (Board Liaison to Co-Chairs), Technical VPs, Technical Coordinators, Education VPs, Education Coordinators, Executive Board members, other member volunteers, and IEST staff. They are tasked with participating in monthly calls and meetings to help plan and shape the ESTECH Annual Meeting, assess other organizations conferences, and suggest innovative ideas for IEST to consider for implementation at ESTECH. (last updated July 8, 2019)

ESTECH Planning Committee Co-Chairs

(CC): Jay Postlewaite

(DTE/PR): Joe Hentz

Executive Board Liaison

VP of Planning: Roger Diener

CC Vice Presidents and Coordinators

(CC) Exec. Board Technical VP: Dave Nobile

(CC) Technical Coordinator: Jim Polarine

(CC) Exec. Board Education VP: Jennifer Galvin

(CC) Edu Coordinator: Taguhi Arakelian

DTE/PR Vice Presidents and Coordinators

(DTE/PR) Exec. Board Technical VP: Ben Shank

(DTE/PR) Technical Coordinator: Matt Lucas

(DTE/PR) Exec. Board Education VP: Julie Jennings

(DTE/PR) Education Coordinator: Eric DeWilde

Executive Board Members and Committee Members

Dustin Aldridge

Nick Clinkinbeard

Blanca Compton

Gordon Ely

Greg Heiland

Morgan Polen

David Sgro

Ahmad Soueid

All remaining Board Members are encouraged to participate. Additional members to be added as needed.

IEST Staff Liaisons

Heather Wooden, IEST Coordinator-Education and Meetings

Angela McKay, IEST Executive Director