The IEST Education Advisory Committee is composed of the Education VPs (EAC Co-Chairs), Education Coordinators, Technical VPs, Technical Coordinators, Executive Board members, other member volunteers, and IEST staff. They are responsible for developing and updating a long-term strategy and the schedule for educational continuity, including conference training, custom courses, and other educational opportunities to meets the needs of the membership and the industry. They also assist with reviewing course materials and auditors’ reports.  (as of July 1, 2022)

EAC Co-Chairs & Executive Board Liaisons

(CC) Exec. Board Education VP: Taguhi Arakelian

(DTE/PR) Exec. Board Education VP: Julio Pulido

Education Coordinators

(CC) Education Coordinator: Dijana Hadziselimovic

(DTE/PR) Education Co-Coordinators: Bobbylee Jaramillo and Art Lyle

Technical Vice Presidents and Coordinators

(CC) Exec. Board Technical VP: Dave Nobile

(CC) Technical Coordinator: Renee Buthe

(DTE/PR) Exec. Board Technical VP: Nick Clinkinbeard

(DTE/PR) Technical Co-Coordinators: Erick Acosta and Matthew Lucas

Executive Board Members and Committee Members

Ahmad Soueid

Ziva Abraham

Andy Anderson

Roger Diener

Anne Marie Dixon-Heathman

Jennifer Galvin

Greg Heiland

Chris Parsons

Jim Polarine

David Sgro

Ben Shank

Hasim Solmaz

Jan Eudy

Jay Postlewaite

Robert Mielke

Wei Sun

All remaining Board Members are encouraged to participate. Additional members to be added as needed.

IEST Staff Liaisons

Heather Wooden, IEST Coordinator-Education and Meetings

Angela McKay, IEST Executive Director