With the May 2022 publication of MIL-STD-810H Change Notice 1, Working Group 043 of the IEST Design, Test, and Evaluation Division (WG-DTE043) has fulfilled its mission to review current environmental testing guidance and recommend improvements to the Tri-Service Working Group that developed the new edition of the widely used Military Standard. Download the new MIL-STD-810H Change Notice 1 (This site is secure, you may need to add an exception)

Also available is an updated edition of the popular “History and Rationale of MIL-STD-810,” a treatise prepared exclusively for IEST by MIL-STD-810 expert Herbert Egbert. This 240-page document captures the thought process behind the evolution of the standard and includes background and analysis to assist in the interpretation of MIL-STD-810. BUY IT NOW!