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“I became an IEST member in 2012. I have continued to be a member, even when employer funding was eliminated. My membership and attendance at ESTECH and the Fall Conference has been invaluable and worth the personal expense. I keep my training up-to-date by attending these conferences annually and also through my continued networking with other members with varying experiences, some of whom have become mentors and my go-to experts. Working group meetings are also a great resource for learning as well as an opportunity for me to contribute to the Recommended Practices — vital documents that provide critical information to aid in the success of my job and improved employer processes.”

—Taguhi Arakelian, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
    IEST Senior Member and Working Group Voting Member

The ability to attend ESTECH and network with other industry professionals provides younger engineers invaluable knowledge not found in college classes.
—David Sgro, Raytheon
    IEST Senior Member and Working Group Voting Member

Leading a working group allows you to guide people who are much more expert than yourself to come together to produce a document that is bigger than the sum of its parts because it contains a consensus of knowledge from a very diverse group.

—Gary W. Knoth
    IEST Senior Member and Former Board Member

“The fellowship and camaraderie among members provides a social dimension. When I have experience and knowledge to share, IEST gives me the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge base of the community. Through IEST, I have developed lifelong friends and colleagues who have helped me advance my professional goals.”
—Jon Wilson, Jon S. Wilson Consulting, LLC
    IEST Fellow

I have remained a member because many of the founding fathers of environmental testing and reliability science have continued their membership even beyond their careers, and I believe I can also add value to others entering the field through my participation.
—Dustin S. Aldridge, Raytheon Missile Systems
    IEST Fellow and Division Director

I became a member in 1967 as I felt the White Room concept was the future for my company and we needed to know what this lint free manufacturing was all about. The path led us to being the largest cleanroom garment manufacturer in the US. How can I not be a member of such a worthwhile organization that has such a revered place in contamination control?
—Edward B. Davis, Euclid Vidaro Mfg. Co.
    IEST Fellow

I can say unequivocally that much of my knowledge base in contamination control came from IEST. Having had the chance to meet and network with so many well known and highly regarded individuals has allowed me to greatly benefit from their knowledge and experience.”
— Charles Berndt, C.W. BERNDT Associates, Ltd.
     IEST Past President and Fellow