ISO 14644-6, Vocabulary
(U.S. Title: ANSI/IEST/ISO 14644-6:2008)

Introduction to ISO 14644-6

ISO 14644-6  is an ideal resource for anyone involved in contamination control. This International Standard is part of ISO 14644 and serves as a compendium of terms and definitions used in the ISO 14644 and 14698 series: ISO 14644-1, 14644-2, 14644-3, 14644-4, 14644-5, 14644-7, 14644-8, 14698-1, and 14698-2.

This document harmonizes the definitions of terms used in describing materials and processes relating to cleanrooms and associated controlled environments.

This standard was withdrawn by ISO/TC 209. A historical version is included in the ISO 14644 Series Handbook in the IEST Bookstore.

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