Cleanroom Design

Basics of Cleanroom Design


This course provides a detailed overview of designing a cleanroom including testing considerations.

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Course outline

  1. Clean room components
    1. Doors
    2. Walls
    3. Floors
    4. Ceilings
    5. Lights
    6. HEPA’s
    7. Pass-throughs
    8. HVAC
      1. A/C Types
      2. Ventilation
      3. Returns/Exhaust
      4. Hoods
    9. Sinks
    10. Electrical
    11. Vibration
    12. ESD
  2. Testing Consideration
    1. Ease of certification
    2. Retesting timelines
    3. Standard testing
    4. Additional testing
    5. Monitoring continuously
    6. Changes to ISO-14644


Course materials

  • Copy of IEST-RP-CC012.3: Cleanroom Design
  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation in course binder

Continuing Education Units: .6 CEUs


Rick Meyer

Mr. Meyer has over 35 years of construction, design, installation, consulting, repair, certification, and maintenance of laboratories, clean rooms, and filtration systems. He has currently been employed with Superior Laboratory Services, Inc. for the last 16 years. He has designed, built, consulted, and certified over 100 USP-797 facilities since 2004, and has tested/certified over 2000 clean rooms, designed/built over 900 clean rooms, and certified over 75,000 hoods to date. He is on IEST Working Groups related to HEPA leak testing, nano facility design, nano- safety, and USP-797 facility design. He is currently a member of the USA, ISO-14644 TAG team that performs reviews and comment on those standards prior to them becoming world wide standards. Mr. Meyer has worked as an Inspector for the State of Texas Pharmacy Board for the last two years.