Designing Effective Vibration and Shock Fixtures iest, tri


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This overview of parameters for designing effective vibration and shock fixtures is intended to familiarize engineers and managers with the concerns and requirements that must be addressed to meet their specifications. Upon completion, you will have an understanding of how to approach fixture design.

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Course outline

  • Concerns and requirements for meeting specifications
  • Basic vibration analysis
  • Review of shock and vibration excitation systems
  • Types of fixtures and applications of each
  • Design considerations and potential problem areas
  • Fixturing for electrodynamic shakers, air hammer tables, and shock machines

Who should attend?

I need to gain an understanding of fixture design because:

  • I am an engineer that can benefit with further technical knowledge of fixtures
  • I am a technician who needs to become more aware of the details to be concerned with while testing
  • I am a manager who needs to obtain an overall insight into the requirements and effort involved in designing, manufacturing, and using fixtures.

Course materials

  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation in course binder
  • Certificate of attendance for completion of CEUs

Continuing Education Units: .3 CEUs


Nick Clinkinbeard


Next date and location

March 7, 2024
1 - 4 p.m. Central Time

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Online registration closes February 28th
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