TRI Course Catalog

Continuing Education Program of the IEST Test and Reliability Institute

Find the knowledge you need to grow in your career and advance your company. Benefit from the experience of the IEST Faculty, whose members are experts in your industry. Earn continuing education units (CEUs). Explore the links below for course details, dates, and locations. Some of these courses are available for customized training at your facility.

Test and Reliability Training Courses

Environmental Testing
A Thinking Test Engineer's Guide to ESD Control
Combining Environments for Realistic Testing
Humidity Testing and Control
Introduction to Accelerated Life Testing
Introduction to Environmental Testing
Introduction to Time Waveform Replication
Weathering the Storm on Durability Testing

Product Reliability
An Introduction to HALT/HASS
How to Conduct Effective HALT/HASS
Management and Technical Guidelines for the ESS Process 
Practical Environmental Stress Screening

Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis
Selecting the Right Accelerometer for Your Application using the New IEST-RP-DTE011.2
Sensors for Test and Measurement
Shock and Vibration Transducer Selection
Sensor Selection for Shock Measurement 

Basic Spectrum Analysis for Physical Applications
Designing Effective Vibration and Shock Fixtures

Elementary, My Dear Watson - Mastering Vibration Testing Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Shock Testing
Implement Multi-Shaker Testing and Control Applications in Your Business
Intermediate Shock Testing
Mastering Mechanical Shock Measurement
Modern Practices in Intermediate Vibration Testing
Multi-shaker Vibration Testing for Single-Axis and MDOF
Shock Response Spectra Strengths and the Methods to Supplement and Reduce Abuses and Alternatives
Spectral Analysis
Systems Approach to Vibration Testing

Test Engineering Standards
A Tester's Guide to RTCA DO-160
How to Write a Life Cycle Environmental Profile
Understanding the New MIL-STD-810G Change Notice 1

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