This Recommended Practice (RP) provides non-cleanroom contamination control criteria to support successful performance of products and associated subassemblies, targeted for suppliers of aerospace products. The document provides a minimum set of require¬ments and controls for processes and facilities associated with the assembly, integration, and testing of high-reliability aerospace products that are not required to be produced in cleanrooms. The criteria discussed are intended to assist manufacturers in implementing production methods and process controls, including minimum facility environmental controls, not including room airborne particle fallout quantification.

The purpose of this RP is to standardize and document contamination control and foreign object damage (FOD) control for production of clean products in non-cleanroom facilities. The RP provides a standard set of requirements for procedures and contamination control methodologies and adopts a “clean as you go” approach. The recommendations presented mitigate initial and generated contamination during production operations, and preserve product cleanliness through assembly, test, storage, and transportation to the user.

First printing, April 2013

Controlled Environments (Aerospace, Non-cleanroom) was prepared by Working Group 036 of the IEST Contamination Control Division.