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IEST Standards and Recommended Practices (RPs) provide standardized procedures based upon peer-approved applications of environmental technology. These documents are formulated by IEST Working Groups. Join a Working Group

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Techstreet account? 
Techstreet is the secure hosting platform for our new bookstore - offering an improved shopping experience to our members and customers. A Techstreet account is required to take advantage of the new features including Bookstore search, new purchasing options, and a trakcing feature so you'll be kept up to date when the document you are tracking is updated. Members should be sure to always log into the IEST website as a member in order to receive significant Member discounts.

I found a document on another website for less money. Why?
Documents ordered from unofficial/illegal sites may not be the current version and/or may contain incorrect text. Purchasing from unofficial/illegal sites violates copyright laws and reduces the funding to official standards bodies, such as IEST, to continue their much-needed work. Be sure you are purchasing IEST and ISO documents from the official IEST bookstore or approved resellers. Approved IEST resellers are TechStreet, IHS, ANSI, and Document Center. Please contact our office at 847-981-0100 with any questions.

How can I qualify for a member discount or learn more about membership?
IEST members can receive up to 35% on publications. There are some items that IEST is unable to give membership discounts on, such as ISO 14644 Draft versions, ISO 14698 standards, and some conference proceedings. Learn more about becoming a member or join IEST now. 

I’m a member of IEST. Can I purchase my membership-discounted publication for someone else?
No. IEST Memberships are on an individual basis. Membership discount is a benefit of membership and can only be used by the individual member. Membership benefits cannot be transferred or used by other individuals, even within the member’s organization. Publications purchased by members at a discounted rate cannot be resold.

I have a question about content of the document I ordered. Who can help me?
You can direct document content questions to information@iest.org or call IEST Headquarters at 847-981-0100. We will do our best to answer your questions regarding content.

Techstreet should be contacted directly for any questions regarding order processing or file delivery at techstreet.service@clarivate.com or call Techstreet direct at 800-699-9277.

Can I print a copy of my electronic document?
Electronic documents are not printable. However, you may select the option Print + PDF and you will receive both an electronic and print version at a special discounted rate.

Can I make copies of my print document?
All IEST Recommended Practices and Standards are protected by copyright. Therefore, unless otherwise specified, no part of a document may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.

Why charge for recommended practices and standards?
We charge to cover our significant expenses incurred as a nonprofit organization related to the development and maintenance of the recommended practices and standards.

How can I become involved in developing recommended practices and standards?
Join a working group and help establish industry guidelines. Working Group voting members determine, through cooperative effort, what issues will be addressed in each document, and what procedures will be included. More information

I am having trouble logging in.
Make sure you are typing correctly. Check to be sure the CAPS lock is off. You need to have cookies enabled.

What if I can’t find the answer to my question here?
If you still have questions, please contact us by phone at 847-981-0100 or by email at information@iest.org.

When ordering from the IEST Bookstore, you will need to create a new Techstreet account (a one-time inconvenience) or  sign into your existing Techstreet account to make a purchase.

Members must sign in as a member on the IEST website first to receive the member rates.

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