IEST-RP-CC018: Cleanroom Housekeeping: Operating and Monitoring Procedures

This Recommended Practice (RP), IEST-RP-CC018.4, provides guidance for maintaining a cleanroom at the level for which it was designed. This document is intended as a guide for establishing appropriate housekeeping procedures essential for the overall contamination control program of the cleanroom. In addition, test procedures are provided for use in establishing the frequency of housekeeping and monitoring the effectiveness of the housekeeping.

The test methods also are designed to help determine appropriate levels of surface cleanliness for specific cleanrooms.

First printing, October 2007 (Supersedes previous versions, including IEST-RP-CC018.3, IEST-RP-CC018.2, IES-RP-CC-018-89-T)

Cleanroom Housekeeping: Operating and Monitoring Procedures was prepared by Working Group 018 of the IEST Contamination Control Division (WG-CC018).