This Recommended Practice (RP), IEST-RP-CC008.2, covers the design and testing of modular gas-phase adsorber cells in single pass or recirculating air-cleaning systems where the need for high-efficiency removal of gaseous contaminants is a requirement. Three types of modular cells are discussed in detail. Purchase document.

Adsorber cells described in this RP have been classified into four types, namely:
a) Type I (serpentine-bed) cell (application specific)
b) Type II (flat-bed or tray-type) cell
c) Type III (not discussed in detail)
d) Type IV (vee-bed) cell
The four types of adsorber cells, though differing in their respective configurations, have common features and components.

Adsorbent specifications
Test requirements of this RP cover the cell as filled with granular activated carbon. Typically, the carbon used in adsorber cells manufactured in accordance with this RP is sized to 8 × 16 US mesh. Performance of the cell for a specific contaminant is a function of the adsorbent used and the operating conditions. These conditions should be specified in addition to the requirements outlined in this RP.

First printing, October 2007 (Supersedes previous versions, including IES-RP-CC-008-84)

High-efficiency Gas-phase Adsorber Cells was prepared by Working Group 008 of the IEST Contamination Control Division (WG-CC008).