Continuing Education Program of the IEST Contamination Control Institute

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Find the knowledge you need to grow in your career and advance your company. Benefit from the experience of the IEST Faculty, whose members are experts in your industry. Earn continuing education units (CEUs). Explore the links below for course details, dates, and locations. Some of these courses are available for customized training at your facility.

Continuing Education Training Courses

Cleanroom Design

Basics of Cleanroom Design for ISO and USP Compliance

Cleanrooms, HVAC System Design and Engineering Fundamentals

Cleanroom Operations

Beyond Cleanroom Basics: Fundamental Information for Cleanroom Operations

Cleanroom Basics: What is a Cleanroom and How Does it Work?

Developing SOPs for Your Cleanroom

ESD and Charge Issues for High Technology Manufacturing Managers

Establishing and Monitoring a Clean Manufacturing Program

How to Comply with the Food Safety Law (FSMA) Using Cleanroom Technology

Risk Assessments for Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments

The Unseen Contaminant: Taking Charge of Electrostatic Contamination

Universal Cleanroom Operations Guidelines with ISO 14644-5

Contamination Busters: Get the Dirt Out of the Cleanroom

Cleanroom Standards

Application of ISO 14644-3

Understanding the Cornerstone Cleanroom Standards: ISO 14644-1 and 14644-2

IEST-STD-CC1246E - A New Way of Doing Business

Consumables and Garments

Stop Contamination in Your Operations with Reusable and Disposable Garments


Beyond HEPAs: Practical Applications of Assessment, Control, and Monitoring for AMC in ...

Application of Gas-Phase Air Filtration in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Life Science Manufacturing

Beyond HEPAs: Chemical Filtration for Cleanroom Applications


Airborne Particle Counters in Cleanroom Operations: Design, Application, and Related Regulatory Issues 

Cleanroom Classification Testing and Monitoring

Cleanroom Particle Counting: A Practical Guide to Classification and Continuous Monitoring Systems

USP 797

Designing a USP 797 and USP 800 Compliant Compounding Pharmacy

Cleanroom Operations for USP 797

Disclaimer: IEST reserves the right to change all or part of this Catalog without prior notice.