Managing risk to cleanroom products and processes begins with trained personnel at all levels.

Many companies claim to provide expert training, but IEST's accredited expertise as an international standards developer assures confidence in the effectiveness of the IEST Learning Path Certificate Program for you and your personnel. IEST education programs are peer-reviewed, taught by recognized experts, and embody our nonprofit mission of knowledge sharing.

The IEST Cleanroom Operations Certificate emphasizes control of major contamination sources.

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Contamination Busters: Get the Dirt Out of the Cleanroom

This training course focuses on specific techniques for cleaning ceilings, walls, windows, doors, floors, tables, and equipment. The course describes and demonstrates methods for vertical and horizontal facilities in all ISO Classes and all industries. A brief presentation is followed by hands-on activities allowing participants to practice using the methods discussed.

Upcoming training dates:

June 6, 2017
IEST Training Center
Arlington Heights, Illinois


Stop Contamination in Your Operations with Reusable and Disposable Garments

Human source contamination is the #1 cleanroom problem--the #1 cause of compromised cleanroom integrity. Therefore, specification and use of an appropriate gowning system is essential in limiting the elements of human-generated contamination from reaching and affecting product or processes in the cleanroom.

This information is intended to assist the end user, system designer, supplier, and processor in defining required performance criteria, test methods, and procedures for gowning-system use and maintenance, as well as in developing a quality-control plan for the apparel and other accessories that may be included in the system. The Recommended Practice (RP), IEST-RP-CC003.4: Garment System Considerations for Cleanrooms and Other Controlled Environments, will be discussed. This RP identifies factors related to gowning systems that may influence the performance of cleanrooms, including selection, construction, material characteristics, performance, laundering, maintenance, validation, and documentation. The RP also describes test methods used to evaluate relevant properties for cleanroom applications.

Upcoming training dates:

June 7, 2017
IEST Training Center
Arlington Heights, Illinois

The Unseen Contaminant: Taking Charge of Electrostatic Contamination

Electrostatic forces occur naturally in everyday life, in all settings. These invisible fields are typically ignored unless the effects are a nuisance or are destructive. In the cleanroom, however, electrostatic forces contaminate the environment in some ways not normally considered. A practical knowledge and conscious effort must be employed to control and minimize these forces to avoid unexpected, negative cleanroom performance, equipment failures, and product destruction. This course provides students with a thorough, practical understanding and approach to recognizing, measuring, and minimizing harmful electrostatic force contamination in their own cleanrooms.

Upcoming training dates:

June 8, 2017
IEST Training Center
Arlington Heights, Illinois



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