In Memoriam

Frank M. Tillou

The IEST community mourns the loss of Retired Member Frank M. Tillou. Frank was a longtime member of IEST and a member of the Southern California Chapter. He passed away on March 16, 2017 at the age of 87.

Mike S. Hartman

IEST mourns the loss of Senior Member Mike Hartman. Mike was a longtime ESTECH attendee and served on several Working Groups. He was owner and President of T.E.S.T. Technology.

Frank Hallstein

IEST Past-President Frank Hallstein Sr. passed away on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016, at the age of 90. Hallstein was born in Tarrytown, New York and graduated from Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy with a master’s degree in science and engineering. He then served as an officer Lt (JG) in the U.S. Navy. After the Navy, Halletstein worked as an engineer at Dayton Brown, Bell Aircraft, Bendix Systems, TRW, Hughes and Litton Industries. He was the president of the Institute of Environmental Sciences in 1973.


Peter F. Harrington

The IEST community is mourning the loss of IEST Senior Member Peter F. Harrington. Harrington passed away June 23, 2016. A Navy veteran, Peter worked for Raytheon for 32 years and was listed as an inventor on several patents. “He will be missed throughout the industry,” writes mentee and IEST Senior Member Bill Wilson. Harrington and his wife served as foster parents for 33 years.


Charles “Chuck” Farrington

The IEST community is mourning the loss of member Charles “Chuck” Farrington. He passed away on August 3, 2015, at the age of 54. Chuck was an active voting member of several IEST Working Groups. Read more.

David L. Earls

IEST Greater Ohio Chapter (GOH) Emeritus Member, David L. Earls, passed away on Saturday, June 6, 2015, at the age of 87. David joined IEST in 1961, was active in the Greater Ohio Chapter, and was distinguished as an IEST Fellow in 1987 for his expertise and accomplishments. Read more


George Olear

The IEST community is saddened by the passing of George G. Olear II, Saturday, June 6, 2015. George had been an active member of IEST since 1985, serving as the President of IEST from 1998 to 1999. He was also the President and Treasurer of the Boston Chapter and a National Director. Read more.

David W. Crosby, IEST Fellow

IEST members were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of David W. Crosby on April 23, 2015. David’s jovial spirit and willingness to share his vast knowledge made him an immensely popular member of IEST and a friend to countless colleagues.

David was awarded the title of IEST Fellow in 2012 with the citation: “David was instrumental in the development of HEPA filter testing procedures and refinement of techniques and standards involving filter test challenge and leak testing integrity. He shared his substantial knowledge of all phases of filter testing and leak testing with IEST working groups, thus providing the WGs with a solid technological base for producing top-quality Recommended Practices.”

David’s many honors included the IEST Willis J. Whitfield award (for substantial contributions to the field of contamination control) and Robert L. Mielke award (presented to a member of the IEST Working Group program who has made significant and substantial contributions to the development of Recommended Practices in the Contamination Control Division). He also received the prestigious Mel First award from the Controlled Environment Testing Association (CETA).

David was active in the air filtration and respirator industry for more than 50 years. He began his career with Air Techniques International (ATI) in 1962 and retired in 2010, but remained on with ATI as a consultant. David was involved in the design of the first portable aerosol photometer and held several patents on photometers. He was a contributing author for various trade publications, wrote and presented many technical papers, and lectured on HEPA filtration theory, aerosol generators, and aerosol photometers.

Henry C. Pusey, IEST Fellow
It is with great regret that we announce the passing of Henry C. Pusey on December 11, 2014. He was 87.

An IEST member since 1961, he received the Irwin Vigness Award from IEST in 1974, and became a Fellow of IEST in 1984. He was known to many as the “godfather” of the Shock and Vibration Symposium and serving as a major leader among several other forums during his career.

Pusey worked at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) working on the Central Activity for Shock and Vibration, later known as the Shock and Vibration Information Center (SVIC). He became SVIC Director in 1973. Pusey’s leadership and organization as SVIC Director earned him the admiration of the dynamic test community.

After retiring from the federal government service in 1983 and SVIC was disbanded, Pusey’s continued work and research efforts helped create Shock and Vibration Information Analysis Center (SAVIAC).

Henry’s wife, Sallie Pusey, whom he married in 1973, preceded him in death on January 2, 2013.

 Scott Carpenter, Space Explorer
Scott Carpenter addresses an early Annual Technical Meeting of the Institute of Environmental Sciences.
Scott Carpenter, Space Explorer
Renowned astronaut Malcolm Scott Carpenter, one of the seven astronauts selected for NASA’s Project Mercury in 1959, died October 10, 2013, at the age of 88. An IEST member since 1965, Carpenter was named an Honorary Fellow in 1967.

As the fourth American in space, Carpenter flew the second US orbital spaceflight in 1962. Later in his NASA career, Carpenter worked on developing underwater training to help astronauts with spacewalk. Upon leaving NASA in 1967, he joined the US Navy as Director of Aquanaut Operations for SEALAB III. He subsequently founded Sea Sciences, Inc., a corporation focusing on utilizing ocean resources and improving environmental health. Fellow Mercury 7 astronaut John Glenn said of Carpenter, “History books will remember him as an explorer of the heavens and the seas.”

In recent years, Carpenter joined other space-race astronauts to advocate retaining the US manned spaceflight program. The astronauts co-signed a statement asserting: “NASA must continue at the frontiers of human space exploration in order to develop the technology and set the standards of excellence that will enable commercial space ventures to eventually succeed.”

Howie Gaberson receives the 2008
Jack Frarey Award For Excellence
In the Field of Machinery Failure Prevention Technology.

Howard Gaberson, IEST Faculty Member
We were sorry to hear of the death of Howard Gaberson, IEST member and instructor on the topic of Pseudo Velocity Shock Analysis, on June 9, 2013. A shock and vibration specialist for more than 45 years, Dr. Gaberson published more than 110 papers and reports, with recent work on time frequency signal processing of machinery vibrations and the use of shock spectra for evaluation of explosion-induced equipment motion. In his early career, he taught at Lowell Technological Institute, Boston University, and the University of Hawaii. As senior technologist for the US Navy Civil Engineering Laboratory (NCEL) from 1968-1993 and the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center from 1993-2000, his primary focus was dynamics research. At NCEL he also served as division director and project manager.

His friends at the Shock and Vibration Exchange (SAVE) and HI-TEST Laboratories remember:
Known to most as "Howie" and easily recognized by his signature vest … Howie was a great friend, teacher, and pioneer in the shock and vibration community. The Lifetime Achievement Award (in shock and vibration) was presented to Dr. Gaberson in November of 2007 at the 78th Shock and Vibration Symposium in recognition of a career dedicated to the improved understanding of shock and vibration processes. This award recognized his contributions and advancements spanning the width and breadth of shock and vibration research, particularly his work in evolving the shock spectrum pseudo-velocity as a central concept for assessment of equipment fragility.
Scott Berger, IEST Senior Member
Scott Berger, Senior Member and long-time contributor to IEST, died Wednesday, April 10, 2013, at age 60. Scott was active in cleanroom testing and IEST activities associated with contamination control. Scott joined IEST in 1993, served as a voting member of 12 IEST Working Groups, and actively participated in many others. His knowledge and efforts made our professional lives better.

A graduate of North Carolina State University, Scott entered the contamination control industry working with CCI, Inc. of Lansdale, PA, a manufacturer of biological safety cabinets and clean air equipment. After leaving CCI, he worked briefly with Forma Scientific in sales and then joined ENV Services, Inc., of Hatfield, Pennsylvania. He worked with ENV Services in its cleanroom testing group for more than 20 years, throughout the United States and internationally in Singapore and Ireland. He worked in all phases of cleanroom testing from scanning filters, to running complex projects and overseeing certification reports. He trained, consulted, and supported many aspects of cleanroom certification and operation in pharmaceutical manufacturing, microelectronics fabrication, and more. He was a master of his craft and well respected in the profession.

But what we remember most about Scott was his friendship. We were brought together in business, but he knew us as more than our work. He was a great fisherman, and like many fishermen could tell stories you remembered for weeks and years, and sometimes laughed out loud at the recollection. If you ever needed help, he would do whatever he could.

He meant a lot to us and our sympathy goes out to his wife, Donna Berger, and his siblings, nieces, and nephews.

We miss and will always remember our friend Scott.

Donations may be made in Scott’s name to Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network at 4915 St. Elmo Avenue, Suite 202, Bethesda, MD 20814 or online at

Bob Wiley
Bob Wiley In MemoriamRobert G. Wiley, 81, passed away Friday, January 11, 2013. Bob spent over four decades in the environmental test chamber field. He was vice president at Thermotron Corporation, Sexton Industries, and ESPEC, all major manufacturers of environmental chambers. He was well known nationally and internationally and conducted product support seminars worldwide. He was truly a pioneer in the industry.

Sallie W. Pusey

IEST mourns the loss of Sallie Winslow Cummings Pusey, 87, who died Wednesday, January 2, 2013, in her home.

As the matriarch of many shock and vibration forums since 1973, Pusey left a lasting mark on the people of the Shock & Vibration community. Along with her husband, Pusey was a fixture at the annual S & V symposium for almost 40 years. In addition to her symposium duties, she served as course registrar for multiple S & V shock courses for multiple organizations for over a decade. Pusey was also an Executive Secretary for the Public Health and Visiting Nurses Association for Connecticut State. She received the “Appreciation Award in Shock and Vibration” in 2008 in recognition of decades of service to the S & V community.

Willis Whitfield, Inventor of Laminar Flow Cleanroom
In Memorial Dr. Willis Whitfield, IEST
Everyone connected with IEST is saddened to learn of the passing of Willis Whitfield on November 12, 2012. In 2011, Dr. Whitfield was named a Fellow of IEST “For his pioneering breakthrough of the laminar flow cleanroom, which led to orders-of-magnitude improvements in manufacturing capabilities, cleanliness, and the protection of life from airborne hazards.” IEST also honors Dr. Whitfield each year by presenting the annual Willis J. Whitfield Award to worthy recipients for substantial contributions to the field of contamination control through published papers, studies, and reports.

From 1954 to 1984, Dr. Whitfield worked as a physicist at Sandia National Laboratories and was project leader for advanced development studies of microwave propagation measurements, contamination control, and cleanroom development. His idea to supply air to a cleanroom in a unidirectional flow instead of moving the air randomly about the room led to the construction of a model of the Whitfield cleanroom 1961. The idea was patented in 1964, and the introduction of contamination-free laboratories enabled the miniaturization of electronic and mechanical components, leading to our current cell phones, laptop computers, and the emerging field of nanotechnology.

Among his many honors, Dr. Whitfield was recognized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers with the Holley Medal for the unique concept of the laminar flow cleanroom principle, and CleanRooms Magazine honored him as its first Hall of Fame inductee.

Dr. Whitfield  is survived by his wife Belva and two sons, Joe and James, who are also engineers. He will be missed by all who knew him and had the privilege of working with him and learning from him.

In Memorial Dr. Willis Whitfield, IEST

Robert Peck, IEST Fellow and Cleanroom Pioneer
IEST Fellow Robert (Bob) Peck died August 10, 2012, at age 90. Peck was respected as a pioneer in the concepts of cleanroom technology. In 1960 Peck founded Controlled Environment Corporation, the first company to offer turnkey construction of the new concept of cleanrooms for space, electronic, medical, and other industries.

Peck was a member of IEST for 47 years and was heavily involved in the early development of the IEST Standards and Practices program. Peck received IEST’s Monroe Seligman Award (1984) and Robert L. Mielke Award (2006). He also was an early inductee of the Clean Rooms Hall of Fame, served as Executive Vice President of the American Association for Contamination Control, and was a member of ASME and ASHRAE.

Bob Peck Remembered
  • Bob Peck was a giant among his peers. His leadership in developing and writing cleanroom standards/recommended practices has, without question, set IEST apart as the premier organization for sourcing relevant cleanroom/contamination control information.  Chuck Berndt, IEST Fellow
  • Bob Peck was one of my many mentors in my early years of my career in IEST and cleanroom standards writing.  Bob Mielke, IEST Fellow
  • We all have so much to be grateful to Bob Peck for—all of us individually and IEST in general. I won't forget that Bob listened to me and trusted my advice and input.  David Swinehart, IEST Fellow

Walter Edwin Willing, Senior Member and Representative to RAMS
IEST mourns the passing of Walter Willing on July 28th, 2012. He was a longtime member of IEST. Willing provided outstanding representation for the IEST Product Reliability Division in his role on the Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) management committee. He was active in the IEEE and Reliability and Maintenance Society of Engineers. He also volunteered as a coach for the IEEE Robot College and Discover-E program to foster high school students interested in engineering.

Willing was the author of numerous papers, with the most recent presented at the 2012 RAMS. He was working on another paper for the 2013 RAMS at the time of his death. He was a fixture at ATL where his contributions led to the success of numerous space systems with his innovative redundancy schemes and protection circuits that made their way into every payload delivered over the last two decades. He will be dearly missed for both his knowledge and wit.