Crystal Instruments


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 Crystal Instruments (CI) is a leading worldwide supplier of system and software for machine monitoring, dynamic measurement, vibration and acoustic testing. CI’s products are used for machine diagnosis, design verification, product testing and process improvement by manufacturers of all types of electronic and mechanical products.

Crystal Instruments was incorporated in 1996 in California, USA.

In 1998, Crystal Instruments released the world smallest dynamic signal analyzer in a type-II PCMCIA form factor. It is the very first vibration analyzer in the world using sigma-delta A/D converters.

In 2007, CI introduced CoCo-80, the first handheld data recorder, real-time dynamic signal analyzer and vibration data collector that matches the performance of high-end lab-quality instrumentation.

In 2009, CI introduced the Spider-80, a highly scalable network-based dynamic measurement system that measures up to 1024 dynamic input channels with full data recording capability. It is ideal for a wide range of industries including machine condition monitoring, automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics and military that demand easy, quick and accurate data recording, real-time signal processing and vibration control.

In 2010, CI introduced the 4th generation vibration controller based on its Spider architecture.
This year Crystal Instruments is proud to introduce EDM Modal, a full featured modal acquisition and analysis software suite. Modal data can now be seamlessly collected and instantaneously analyzed all from one hardware and software platform.

The founders of Crystal Instruments are James Zhuge and Justin Tang. James Zhuge was one of the founders of Dactron and Justin Tang is the chief designer of more than 20 dynamic measurement instruments. Dactron is now a part of B&K-LDS.

Customers include: Intel, NASA, Toyota, Boeing, Agilent, US Navy, US Army, Gulfstream, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, L3, AeroViroment, Allegiant Air, Bosch, Bridgestone, ConocoPhilips, Exonn Mobile, GE Aviation, GE Medical Systems, Goodyear, WYLE Labs.