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Universal Cleanroom Operations Guidelines with ISO 14644-5
June 10, 2015
Arlington Heights, IL

Fall Conference 2015
November 9-12, 2015
Rosemont, IL

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David W. Crosby, IEST Fellow
IEST members were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of David W. Crosby on April 23, 2015. David’s jovial spirit and willingness to share his vast knowledge made him an immensely popular member of IEST and a friend to countless colleagues.
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Revised Recommended Practice for Considerations in Cleanroom Design

Look to IEST-RP-CC012.3, a new edition of the IEST Recommended Practice (RP) Considerations in Cleanroom Design, for the most up-to-date information on planning and procedures, design requirements, and cleanroom construction protocol. The RP also covers review and testing concepts, sample cleanroom construction protocol, cleanroom modeling approaches, and much more. Order your copy today.

Another New IEST Journal article now available for viewing!

“CFD Modeling and Modification of Cleanroom Design to Achieve ISO Class 6 Performance,” by Richard H. Morrison and Bradley K Hodges, has just been posted in the Journal VIP Articles section of our website. This paper focuses on the design and operation of an ISO Class 6 cleanroom at the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Microfabrication Lab, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The initial design criteria are discussed, along with installation of the tools and the non-compliance of ISO Class 6 particle counts. Based on these results, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software was employed to study the airflow in the room and modify the airflow to be compliant with ISO Class 6 standards.

This paper joins “Reverberant Chamber Enhancement,” by Daniel Hayes, which was posted in our VIP section in February. Journal VIP articles are accessible only by IEST members. Not a member? Click here to join today! To learn more about Journal VIP Access, click here.

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