Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis
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This course will cover concepts currently in IEST-RD-DTE012.2 Handbook of Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis (HDDAA) as well as proposed updates to HDDAA. The HDDAA is a comprehensive document that was originally intended to be a MIL-STD, and many dynamic data professionals contributed to the original document. Significant advances in sensors, data acquisition, and data validation have been recently made, and these concepts will be presented in the course. Additionally, many concepts that are in the HDDAA are currently not taught in traditional settings and need to be reviewed.

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Course outline
  • Sensors and signal conditioning
  • Data recording and storage, analog to digital converters, and system calibration
  • Data validation including identification of random events versus periodic events versus time-varying events (non-stationary), inspection of analog/digital/analyzed data, corrective data editing
  • Validation of shock and pyroshock data
Who should attend?

You need to have a basic understanding of dynamic data acquisition and analysis because:
  • You are an engineer who designs tests that must acquire and analyze dynamic data 
  • You are involved in dynamic data acquisition and analysis, or you are a manager who oversees this process
Course materials
  • Copy of IEST-RD-DTE012.2: Handbook of Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation in course binder
  • Certificate of attendance for completion of CEUs
Continuing Education Units: .6 CEUs


Vesta Bateman
Ron Merritt
Jon Wilson