call for working group participants

Join one of the following Working Groups (WGs) and become a member of the team developing best practices that will shape the future of your field!

Considerations in Cleanroom Design (WG-CC012)

Surface Molecular Contamination (WG-CC043)

Design Considerations for Critical Exhaust Systems (WG-CC045)

Cleanroom Lighting (WG-CC047)

Take the lead in turning these proposed topics into Recommended Practices (RP):

Guidance for the Design, Performance, and Operations of Controlled Environments Per USP <797> (WG-CC048)

Measuring and Reporting Vibrations in Advanced Technology Facilities (WG-NANO207)

Testing Aerosol-Nanomaterial Containment Devices (WG-NANO208)

Help update guidelines for designing cleanrooms

This Working Group was recently reconstituted and has begun updating IEST-RP-CC012, Considerations in Cleanroom Design. This RP makes recommendations regarding factors to consider in the design of cleanroom facilities. The RP is intended to provide users with a means to establish performance criteria for cleanrooms. This discussion focuses on those environmental conditions that typically confront cleanroom designers and users. The document includes a sample cleanroom construction protocol.

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Join the surface molecular contamination Working Group

Take this opportunity to provide key input as new WG-CC043 addresses the issue of Surface Molecular Contamination (SMC). The focus will be on developing an RP to clearly describe the types of SMC that may affect critical surfaces and processes. It will also describe sources, effects, measurement methods, and control methods.

The RP will cover types of SMC include organic and inorganic contaminants that may be adsorbed or reacted onto the surface. Topics to be reviewed are:

  • Types of surface molecular contamination
  • Sources of SMC
  • Types of surfaces affected
  • Types of measurement
  • Effects of contamination
  • Control methods

This document will not focus on mechanically generated particles typically counted by airborne particle counters, but could include particles formed by salts or other chemical reactions.

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Help develop guidelines for critical exhaust system installation

Newly formed WG-CC045 is developing an RP to provide guidance for code compliance, system longevity and testing protocols when installing chemical fume hood systems. This document will offer duct and blower sizing, material compatibility, testing criteria, and system analysis to ensure a safer laboratory environment.

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Help develop guidelines for cleanroom lighting fixtures

Newly formed WG-CC047 is developing an RP to address the design, specification, and application of lighting systems for use in cleanrooms. This document will provide guidance for potential cleanroom users and designers in the appropriate specification of systems meeting specific cleanroom lighting requirements. Information provided by this RP will also be useful to parties involved in the manufacture, purchase, installation, testing, and use of the lighting systems.

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