This Recommended Practice (RP), IEST-RP-DTE022, delivers recommendations and guidelines for performing vibration or shock tests using multiple exciters. Presented is a focused treatise on how the selection of the proper exciters, fixtures, transducers, bearings, and controllers can all contribute to the successful performance of a multiple-shaker vibration test. It is suggested that this RP be used in conjunction with MIL-STD-810G Method 527, “Multi-Exciter Test,” to expand upon the fundamentals described therein. 

IEST-RP-DTE022 was designed to provide:

  • Background theory for multi-shaker testing - consideration for controllers, shakers, instrumentation 
  • Recommendations for controllers, control setup, control considerations 
  • Recommendations for shakers, shaker setup, shaker considerations 
  • General review of transducer considerations

The first  edition of Multi-Shaker Test and Control was developed by Working Group 022 of the IEST Design, Test, and Evaluation Division (WG-DTE022).

First printing, October of 2014.