NOTE: This RP was replaced in August 2021 by IEST-RP-CC052.1: Understanding, Identifying, and Controlling Electrostatic Charge in Cleanrooms and Other Controlled Environments. Click for more information.


This Recommended Practice (RP), IEST-RP-CC022.2, discusses methods for specifying and evaluating the effectiveness of techniques for controlling electrostatic charge. Proper control of electrostatic charge may reduce particulate contamination on surfaces and the likelihood of electrostatic discharge. This document, which describes typical control systems and their applications, also lists methods of testing and measurement of charge generation, charge neutralization, resistivity of surfaces and materials, and static field attenuation.

Second printing, January 2004 (Supersedes previous versions, including IEST-RP-CC022.1)

Electrostatic Charge in Cleanrooms and Other Controlled Environments was prepared by Working Group 022 of the IEST Contamination Control Division (WG-CC022).