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The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) is the preeminent, non-profit association for professionals like you in the field of Nanotechnology Facilities. If you want to know about nanotechnology facilities, join the organization that has literally set the standard--IEST. Discover the cutting edge of controlled environments and testing in nanoscale applications.

Recommended Practice NANO-200 is the first comprehensive recommended practice for the design and construction of nanotechnology facilities. Other IEST Working Groups are involved in specific aspects of nanotechnology facility design and operation, so opportunities abound to become involved on the “ground floor” of these Recommended Practice development groups. Nanotechnology Facility Safety, Vibration and Acoustics in Nanotechnology Facilities, and Nanomaterial Containment Devices are just a few examples of Working Groups that are developing new, groundbreaking RPs that will provide the direction for the design, construction, and operation of nanotechnology facilities, now and in the future.

If you are involved in nanotechnology facility design, construction, or operation and are not involved in the IEST, you are missing out on a great opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute.


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