I cannot remember my online password / I forgot my member ID number.
Whether you’re a student registering for an IEST training course or you’re submitting an application for membership, you’ll need to create a MyIEST account with a username and password. If you submitted a paper application for membership, you’ll still need to create an account online to initiate your membership.

Your account password is encrypted and cannot be retrieved by IEST. To reset your account password, visit the MyIEST profile area of the IEST website and click on “Forgot your Username or Password?” You’ll receive an email with your username and a reset link to reset your password. The information will be sent to the primary email address in your profile. You may also update your username or password if you are logged into your profile.

Will IEST release or distribute my email address?
While IEST may ask for information that can personally identify you, we adhere to a strict policy and will not rent, sell or otherwise distribute this information including your email address or telephone number. Your email address is necessary for IEST correspondence and is published in the membership directory (accessible to members only). In addition, registered volunteer leaders of IEST or staff may access your email address and other contact information to engage you in the mission and activities of the association. IEST will also email approved communications on behalf of our corporate supporters and/or conference sponsors and exhibitors. Read IEST’s full privacy policy here.

I am not receiving IEST emails
Many email systems, particularly government  and large corporations, have strict firewalls that block outside emails from your inbox. IEST relies on system-generated emails and electronic alerts to communicate efficiently with our community. These types of communications are susceptible to SPAM/junk filters.

  • For a quick fix, update your My IEST profile with your personal email address (gmail, outlook, etc.) to increase your chance for deliverability success.
  • If you think your employer firewall is preventing delivery of IEST emails, please see these whitelisting instructions outlined by MailChimp, an email marketing vendor IEST uses to send some of our newsletters and emails.

How do I unsubscribe from IEST?
Log into MyIEST and select “My Profile.” Then select the “Name” tab and check the “I wish to be removed from your database” option. Click Save and your account will be queued for removal. You may also email unsubscribe@iest.org to request to be unsubscribed from IEST newsletters.

Does IEST publish newsletters or a blog?
Yes. IEST publishes two weekly newsletters and an IEST Blog:

  • NewsBrief@IEST is sent every Thursday. It contains a roundup of relevant news impacting contamination control, environmental testing, and nanotechnology facilities industries. See recent issues. 
  • ThisWeek@IEST is sent every Tuesday. It includes the most up-to-date information regarding IEST expert training and conference information, IEST Standards and Recommended Practices, ways to connect and collaborate, and more. See recent issues. 
  • Access the IEST Blog here and subscribe to the blog to receive notifications of new posts.

Does IEST offer certifications or credentials?
IEST is not a certifying body and does not offer professional certifications or credentials. However, individuals may earn certificates of completion and CEUs for attending in-depth training and education programs in contamination control and environmental test and reliability. IEST participants who successfully complete a training course can request these certificates and use them to fulfill continuing education requirements set forth by other organizations or employers. To request your certificate, email customerservice@iest.org.

IEST Learning Paths Certificates
Because a lack of fundamental knowledge and proper training is one of the most common complaints within the industry, the IEST Learning Path Certificate Program was designed to deliver essential training to virtually any professional working for a company operating in the fields of environmental testing, product reliability, and contamination control/cleanrooms. Developed through research and industry demand, the IEST Learning Path Certificate program allows novice-through-expert learners to achieve targeted knowledge to avoid training failures and thrive professionally. The IEST Learning Path builds progressively from foundational knowledge through to performance improvement. 

Learning Path Certificates include:

  • Cleanroom Fundamentals
  • Shock Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Basics of Climatics
  • Basics of Dynamics
  • Designs for USP Compliance
  • Cleanroom Operations
  • ISO 14644 Fundamentals

Education Transcript Tool
IEST tracks the continuing education units earned by training course participants. To access your transcript, sign into your MyIEST profile and visit the Education Transcript tool to get a history of completed training courses and learning paths along with CEUs earned.

IEST Member Designations and Awards
While IEST does not offer certifications, members may earn designations and awards:

Senior Member
IEST offers a Senior Member designation for individuals who are members for five or more consecutive years, showing their commitment to the environmental sciences community. 

Fellows & Honorary Fellow
Members awarded the IEST Fellow designation demonstrate exceptional professional distinction and have made substantial or vital contributions to advancing environmental sciences and IEST. Award candidates must have at least 15 years’ professional experience and need recommendations  by at least 4 members, including 2 Fellows and 2 Senior Members or Fellows. Every December, the Fellow Review Board reviews nominations and submits final recommendations to the Executive Board for approval by majority vote. The designation of Honorary Fellow is awarded by a majority vote of the Executive Board to individuals who are not members of IEST but who have made vital contributions to the advancement of the environmental sciences. View IEST’s Fellow roster

Technical Awards
Members of IEST are encouraged to recognize the technical achievements of outstanding professionals by nominating their mentors or peers for an IEST Award. IEST members and non-members are eligible for recommendation, but only IEST members may submit nominations. Technical Award recipients are recognized annually at the ESTECH conference. Find out more or submit a nomination; the deadline is December 1.

What are my Membership Benefits? 
IEST is the only organization that exclusively serves professionals in the fields of contamination control, environmental test and reliability, and nanotechnology facilities.

  • Access IEST Expertise. IEST has been developing environmental test and contamination control guidelines since our founding in 1953. By becoming a member, you will have access to leading experts, networking tools and research that help our industry safeguard people, products, and processes.
  • Influence + Impact Your Field. IEST is an ANSI-accredited standards developing organization and welcomes professionals of all experience levels to shape the guidelines and best practices that affect how we do our jobs. By getting involved with IEST, you and your company can immediately contribute to the development of standards and recommended practices.
  • Receive Exclusive Resources + Discounts. IEST has been training the workforce for more than 50 years. The need for fundamental knowledge and proper training is a common request among industry employers. When you join IEST, you save on the education, publications, and career services you need to avoid errors and advance professionally.

Learn more about the benefits of membership and why you should consider joining IEST. 

Will my individual  IEST membership benefit my employer?
Yes, as an IEST member, you can influence standards development and the guidelines that affect how you do your job in the future while positively impacting your organization by safeguarding people, products and processes. In addition:

  • Your membership saves you up to 25-35% on IEST publications and training programs that can help your company improve quality outcomes and tackle new projects.
  • If your company is hiring, you will receive discounted job posting and advertising rates through the Employers area of the IEST Career Center. 
  • Members receive access to a series of complimentary Recommended Practice and Technical Guideline documents that every organization in the controlled environment space should be familiar with. These documents carry a combined value of over $1,000 in the IEST Bookstore.
  • All members receive access to IEST’s research database, powered by the Journal of the IEST.  This online archive dates back to 1985 and allows you to search for peer-reviewed technical research, problem-solving, “how to” articles and more.

Does IEST offer Corporate membership? 
Yes, IEST Corporate Member Packages offer your company unique benefits and promotional opportunities beyond a typical sponsorship or individual membership. These include conference and training course registrations, program and service discounts, workforce development benefits, and more.

Do you offer training at facilities?
Yes, IEST offers custom training. Our instructors will come to your facility and train a group of your employees about a specific topic, issue, or training need. You can also opt for custom training online. Learn more.

EDUCON and ESTECH Conferences
IEST’s annual technical conference, ESTECH, is typically held in May. EDUCON, our Fall education conference and Working Group Summit, is typically held in November. Visit the ESTECH or EDUCON webpages for more information. 

Conference Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities
IEST offers a variety of industry partner packages at ESTECH and EDUCON that provide your organization the opportunity to maximize exposure, cultivate relationships with qualified buyers and position your company as an industry leader. Learn more about becoming an industry partner or download our prospectus.

Does IEST interact with the federal government or its agencies?
While a variety of our members are employed by various federal agencies or their contractors,  IEST does not conduct any legislative support or lobbying activities. IEST is a non-profit organization, so your membership dues and/or donations are tax-deductible by law (consult with your tax advisor). IEST has sponsored revision efforts of Federal Standards such as FED-STD-209, MIL-STD-781, MIL-STD-810, and MIL-STD-1246 (now IEST-STD-1246).

Does IEST accept donations / voluntary contributions?
Yes. IEST is a non-profit technical society and ANSI-accredited standards-developing organization; Secretariat of ISO/TC 209 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments; Administrator of the ANSI-accredited US TAG to ISO/TC 209; and a founding member of the ANSI-accredited US TAG to ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies. 

In addition to recommending IEST education or membership to your colleagues, providing a monetary contribution will help to:

  • Drive IEST’s work on cornerstone standards; we provide expert support for the evolving MIL-STD-810, oversee the ISO 14644 Standards Series as the Secretariat to ISO/TC 209, and lead the conversation on nanotechnology facilities best practices.
  • Back the volunteer experts who write, and keep current, IEST Recommended Practices.
  • Train and advance the environmental sciences and technology community through IEST education, peer-reviewed research, conferences, and support services.

Submit a donation today!

Does IEST answer technical questions? 
IEST does not have environmental sciences or technical experts staff at Headquarters. We do provide a variety of networking tools as part of the benefits and support services offered to our members. These include: 

  • Searchable Membership Directory to assist with connecting with someone in your field, area of interest, or location.
  • IEST’s LinkedIn Group 
  • Various “Ask the Experts” webinar panels offered through our Monthly Meet-Up program.

Note: The opinions expressed in any online forum do not reflect the opinions of IEST, and determination of the applicability and suitability of particular posts is solely the responsibility of the user.

Are there local IEST Chapters available in my area? 
IEST Chapters offer additional networking opportunities that vary by chapter and location. Members may designate any chapter affiliation they choose during their membership application or renewal process, or select Member-At-Large for no affiliation. See a complete list of current chapters.

How do I sign into the IEST Career Center?
The IEST Career Center is designed to connect job seekers and employers engaged in environmental sciences and technology. The online job board features over 2,000 opportunities aggregated from multiple hiring sources. These opportunities are open for anyone to view, however you must create an account in order to apply and access various features, such as customized job alerts, resume review and search, career insights, and various other resources. 

Members of IEST enjoy enhanced Career Center benefits, such as advanced screening of all job postings, top listing of their resumes, and discounted job posting and advertising rates for open positions for their employers. To sign in with your IEST member account, log into your account on the IEST website first, then visit the Career Center at www.iest.org/Career-Center and our single sign-on process will automatically load or create your account. 

How do I log in to the IEST Bookstore? 
The IEST Bookstore contains a variety of publications on the topics of contamination control, environmental testing, and nanotechnology. As a member of IEST, you will save up to 35% on handbooks, technical guides, IEST Recommended Practices, ISO 14644 and 14698 Standards, and more. Proceedings from IEST’s annual technical conference, ESTECH, are also available. 

To receive your member discount, log into your account on the IEST website first, then visit the Bookstore at www.iest.org/Bookstore and our single sign-on process will automatically load or create your account. Your Bookstore account tracks your orders, PDF downloads, and rewards points earned for online purchases. 

Company Subscriptions
If you are interested in company wide access to a collection of standards, visit the Techstreet Enterprise page in the IEST Bookstore to inquire about a company subscription. IEST Corporate members receive discounted Enterprise subscription rates.

How do I access the Journal of the IEST?
The Journal of the IEST has been published for over 50 years and contains peer-reviewed technical research, problem-solving “how to” articles, and more. All IEST members receive access to its online research database containing over 600 peer-reviewed articles dating back to 1985.

To access the online Journal, first log into your account on the IEST website, then visit the Member Access page under “Journal,” and our single sign-on process will verify your membership. From the search bar at the top, you can perform a general keyword search on a topic you need help with, or refine your search by title, author, date, and more. 

Publish in Journal
The Journal of the IEST reaches a broad spectrum of the international technical community. Submissions for peer-reviewed technical papers or articles are accepted year-round for publication every December. You can learn more about publishing a technical paper/article here, including relevant subject areas, guidelines for authors, and the paperwork you’ll need to submit with your article.

How can I get involved with IEST?
IEST welcomes professionals of all experience levels to shape the guidelines and best practices that impact how we do our jobs. In every area of the organization, our volunteer leaders are a driving force in delivering value and bringing our mission and vision to life. Due to IEST’s size and collaborative culture, you can immediately contribute to efforts that shape the industries we serve. Opportunities to get involved include participating in the IEST Working Groups that produce and maintain IEST Recommended Practices and technical standards documents, serving as a member of IEST’s expert faculty, volunteering for a committee or executive office, referring new members to join, or serving as an IEST Membership Ambassador. 

Visit the Get Involved section to learn more about our current opportunities and submit a volunteer contact form if you are interested in participating in any opportunity. IEST will reach out to all interested volunteers on an annual or as needed basis based on the opportunity type.

How can I join an IEST Working Group? 
IEST has instituted a program of standards and recommended practices in order to publish and disseminate up-to-date, reliable, technical information within each of its Divisions: Contamination Control; Design, Test, and Evaluation; and Product Reliability. This is accomplished through a series of Standards and Recommended Practices (RPs) providing standardized procedures based upon peer-approved applications of environmental technology. These documents are formulated by IEST Working Groups. Working Group members determine, through cooperative effort, what issues will be addressed in each Recommended Practice and what procedures will be included. Working Group meetings take place at ESTECH and Fall Conference. Attend one meeting on a topic in your area of expertise or on a topic that interests you to become an observer. Attend two consecutive meetings of the same Working Group and become eligible to become a voting member. Submit a technical department inquiry with any questions related to Working Groups or becoming a Working Group member. View IEST's current Working Groups.

What are IEST Recommended Practices?
IEST Standards and Recommended Practices (RPs) are published documents that provide technical guidance, philosophy, or standardized procedures based upon peer-approved applications of environmental technology. These documents are created by IEST Working Groups.

How does IEST interact with ANSI and ISO
Yes, IEST is an ANSI-accredited developer of American National Standards. Learn more about this

IEST also service as Secretariat of ISO/TC 209 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments; Administrator of the ANSI-accredited US TAG to ISO/TC 209; and a founding member of the ANSI-accredited US TAG to ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies. Subject matter experts are responsible for developing and revising the ISO 14644 Series Standards. U.S. TAG members review and debate the merits of the ISO/TC 209 standards and prepare the U.S. voting position. For information about being nominated as a subject matter expert or joining the US TAG, contact technicaldept@iest.org.

How can I contact IEST? 
You may contact IEST headquarters at any time by submitting a Web Form or by contacting us directly.  

By phone: (847) 981-0100

By email: IEST’s general email address is information@iest.org. Or view the Headquarters Staff listing for additional email addresses.

By mail: Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) 
1827 Walden Office Square, Suite 400
Schaumburg, IL 60173