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DEWESoft, the next evolution in data acquisition instrumentation, offers a full suite of hardware for in-vehicle and lab data acquisition applications. Scalable from four to thousands of channels our instruments are available as small USB and EtherCat devices, stand-alone battery-powered systems, rack-mounted configurations, and ruggedized field-ready solutions. Powered by the latest DEWESoft X software, we acquire and control many multi-domain test sets that include analog in/out, digital in/out, video, CAN, FlexRay, XCP, GPS, and much more. DEWESoft is designed to handle a variety of applications such as: ride handling, brake testing, durability testing, road load, E-mobility, power quality, combustion analysis, pass-by-noise, NVH testing, order tracking, torsional vibration, balancing, real-time kinematics, ACC, ISO lane change, and more. DEWESoft hardware and software are used around the world in a variety of fields ranging from auto manufacturers and construction equipment, to aeronautical development and telemetry. And with our Dynamic Signal Analysis capabilities you'll be able do more all on one computer. For more information about DEWESoft please visit us at www.DEWESoft.com

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