tips to maximize conference benefits

  • Register early to obtain the lowest registration fee, airfare, and hotel rate. Take advantage of all applicable pre-registration savings and IEST member discounts.
  • Identify strategies or issues that are currently challenging your company. Refer to the ESTECH/EDUCON schedule and make a list of the sessions, courses, and working group meetings that will help you address these challenges.
  • Prepare your personal conference agenda that includes all of the events you plan to attend. Describe specific elements of the return on investment, such as ideas to implement based on course descriptions, potential supplier resources, and CEUs to enhance your professional standing.
  • List the colleagues, speakers, and exhibitors you want to meet at the conference. Make contacts in advance to plan a time and place to get together.
  • Prepare a home-office schedule that shows how your work will be covered while you are attending the conference.
  • List resources you will be able to share with co-workers, such as course materials and the conference Presentations CD. Plan to prepare a post-conference summary for management explaining how you will use the information you received and the return on investment for the company.