conference goals worksheet

An effective way to gain approval to attend ESTECH/EDUCON is to integrate your professional and company goals with your conference experience. Use this table as a guideline to develop specific goals and point to conference events that will help you achieve those goals.

Your Goal Corresponding ESTECH/EDUCON Resources
Stay current or learn more about <name specific industry trends or technologies> Conference sessions presented by industry experts cover a range of new developments and practical information to help attendees solve issues. < List conference sessions that address the goal>
Acquire CEUs as you learn practical skills you can apply when you return to work. The continuing education program offers in-depth courses and certificate programs. <Cite those that apply to your job>
Represent your company in the development of <name standards and practices that affect your business> Participate in and bring <list specific ideas or concerns> to the attention of <list working group meeting(s)>
Explore resources for solving <name problem or concern> Visit with <name vendors> to compare and evaluate different solutions and technologies to find those that may best fit your needs.
Network and share best practices and ideas with your colleagues. Make a list of people you'd like to meet and why. Include peers, presenters, vendors—even competitors. Plan to take advantage of social networking opportunities.