Keynote address

Keynote Address During the IEST Membership Meeting and Awards Luncheon

What Happens Here You Will Now Hear: Unusual Contamination Evaluation and Control Projects in Las Vegas

Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 12:15 - 1:30 p.m. 
Dale Walsh,

CIH, CSP, LEED-AP, Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc.

While providing industrial hygiene consulting services in Las Vegas for the past twenty-seven years Mr. Walsh has done numerous unusual projects.  This keynote presentation will focus on a few of these that may be of interest to those in the contamination control and environmental testing industry.  They include 1) measuring and controlling airborne hazards on stage and in the audience at Las Vegas production shows; 2) air contaminants associated with new “Green“ buildings at the Air Force bases in the Las Vegas area and other Nevada area Navy and Army bases; 3) measurement and control of cigarette smoke in casinos in Las Vegas and Singapore as well as odor assessment and control for the marijuana industry; and 4) the lead and noise hazards associated with indoor and outdoor firing ranges in the area.


About the Speaker

Dale Walsh is a Certified Industrial Hygienist with a Toxicology Master of Science from the University of Arizona and over 32 years of consulting experience in indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, and OSHA compliance.  He has had his own consulting company called Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc. for 10 years in Las Vegas and works with safety and facility managers with various businesses and governmental agencies.  He has been President of local health and safety related organizations and currently actively participates on ASTM standard committees involving indoor air quality and microbial sampling and analysis.  He has also taught at the local University and College (UNLV and CSN).  Mr. Walsh has three children, one granddaughter, and an iguana.