IEST Corporate Members @ ESTECH

Corporate Members with IEST receive complimentary and discounted registrations that can be used for ESTECH conference, training course, and working group meeting registrations, as well as discounts on sponsorship and the expo hall too!

Free Conference or Training Course Registrations: these complimentary registrations may be used by any employee of the company, not just those holding an individual membership tied to the corporation.  If you would like to use your complimentary registration(s) for ESTECH, or for a training course during ESTECH, please use the form sent to you by email or contact IEST at

Discounted Conference, Training Course, and Working Group Registrations: You may register members of your team for ESTECH, training courses, or working group meetings using the corporate member discount or VIP Partner rate (per numbers as noted on the corporate member benefits guide).  If you would like to register your team using the corporate member discount, please use the form sent to you by email or contact IEST at

Discounted Sponsorship & Exhibitor Packages: All Corporate Members of IEST receive a 25% discount on ESTECH Sponsorship & Exhibitor packages. These can offer your organization the opportunity to maximize exposure, cultivate relationships with qualified buyers, and position your company as an industry leader.  Learn more about these opportunities on our website, and contact to redeem your discount.

If you are not yet a Corporate Member, you can find out more about the IEST Corporate Member Packages and how it can offer your company unique benefits and promotional opportunities beyond a typical sponsorship or individual membership.

For any other questions about the IEST Corporate Member Program, please contact

View the Corporate Member Package Benefits Guide.