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Issue: Volume 63, Number 1 / 2020 Issue

Energy Efficiency in Cleanrooms and Separative Devices: ISO 14644-16, Outreach Article
Richard Gibbons

The ISO 14644 family of cleanroom standards has been at the center of international cleanroom standards development for many years and covers most facets of cleanroom activity and cleanroom types from large ballroom cleanrooms to isolators and clean tunnels. The series is under constant review and is still expanding. ISO 14644-16 is a new standard added to the cleanroom series and the first to focus on energy efficiency.

The new standard was proposed and convened by the UK as a progression of their 2013 cleanroom energy management document, BS 8568 .  It reinforces the principal established in that guide, that airflow preparation and circulation are the main contributors to cleanroom energy use, demanding up to 80% of total energy in some facilities. While much of its original advice in BS 8568 on basics such as over-engineering, leak prevention, filter selection, management and maintenance is retained in the new standard, the content is expanded and airflow volume assessments replace air change rate calculations.

Issue: Volume 62, Number 1 / 2019 Issue

Monitoring of Nanoscale Particles in Cleanrooms: ISO 14644-12
Anne Marie Dixon-Heathman, David Ensor

Issue: Volume 61, Number 1 / December 2018 Issue

Journal of the IEST Marks 60th Anniversary
Roberta Burrows

ISO/TC 209 Tackles Revisions of ISO 14644 Standards

Roberta Burrows, David Ensor, Jennifer Sklena

Is There a Ticking Dust Bomb in Your Cleanroom?

Roger Diener and Morgan Polen

Assessment of Cleanroom Suitability of Equipment and Materials by Chemical Concentration—ISO Standard Now Available for Designers, Suppliers, and Users

Berthold Düthorn


Issue: Volume 60, Number 1 / December 2017

ISO/TC 209 Launches New Cleanroom Standards and Outreach Projects
Roberta Burrows, David S. Ensor
Beyond the ISO Cleanroom Standards—Comprehensive Guidance from IEST
Roberta Burrows, Anne Marie Dixon-Heathman


Issue: Volume 59, Number 1 / November 2016

IEST Leads Development of First ISO 14644 Nanotechnology Standard
David S. Ensor, Anne Marie Dixon, Roberta Burrows


Issue: Volume 57, Number 1 / October 2014

ISO Technical Committee on Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments
Enters Third Decade with New Changes on Horizon

David S. Ensor


Issue: Volume 56, Number 1 / March 2013

IEST and UGIM Working Together
John R. Weaver
Case Study: Design and Construction of the Draper Laboratory Microfabrication Center
Richard H. Morrison, Livia M. Racz, David J. Carter

Facilities Planning for Safety and Emergency Response: Bridging the Gap between Design Features and Safety Planning
Steve Schultz, Jack Paul

Financial and Operational Survey of 12 Major University Nanofabrication Facilities: A Benchmarking Study
Dennis Grimard, Lisa Jones

Retrospective: Historical Highlights of an Evolving Society

Willis J. Whitfield: Father of the Modern Cleanroom


Issue: Volume 53, Number 2 / October 2010

The Clothes Truly Did Make This Man
Heidi Parsons
Mitigating the Risk of Counterfeit Parts
Reprinted from WSTIAC Quarterly; based on a report by the Government Accounting Office


Issue: Volume 53, Number 1 / April 2010

Facts and Fiction in Cleanroom Metrology
Lothar Gail, Dirk Stanischewski


Issue: Volume 52, Number 1 / April 2009

Cornerstone Cleanroom Standards Under Revision
TWR, Multi-exciter Testing Added to New Revision MIL-STD-810G
Evaluating Clean-Air Devices


Issue: Volume 51, Number 2 / October 2008

IEST leads ISO 14644 Experts in Focus on Nanotechnology in Cleanrooms
Anne Marie Dixon, David Ensor, Roberta Burrows
Nanotech Facility Hosts ESTECH Tour


Issue: Volume 51, Number 1 / April 2008

Forging New Frontiers
Diana Granitto, Senior Editor
IEST Updates Recommended Practices to Reflect Leading-edge Methods
An In-Depth Assessment of Internal Contamination in the Wide Field/Planetary Camera: Republished from the Journal of the IEST May-June 1990 issue
Carl Maag, Jerry Millard, Mark Anderson


Issue: Volume 50, Number 2 / October 2007

New ISO Draft Standard Classifies Surface Particle Cleanliness
New Reliability Prediction Methodology Incorporates Field and Test Experience
David Nicholls


Issue: Volume 50, Number 1 / April 2007

Updated IEST-RP-CC012 a "Must Read" for Cleanroom Planners and Designers
ISO 14644-5 Offers a One-stop Guide to Cleanroom Operations
Anne Marie Dixon
Industry Responds to Proposed Changes to USP Sterile Compounding Rules