Stop Contamination in Your Operations with Reusable and Disposable Garments


Human source contamination is the #1 cleanroom problem--the #1 cause of compromised cleanroom integrity. therefore, specification and use of an appropriate gowning system is essential in limiting the elements of human-generated contamination from reaching and affecting product or processes in the cleanroom.

this information is intended to assist the end user, system designer, supplier, and processor in defining required performance criteria, test methods, and procedures for gowning-system use and maintenance, as well as in developing a quality-control plan for the apparel and other accessories that may be included in the system. the recommended practice (rp),  iest-rp-cc003.5: garment system considerations for cleanrooms and other controlled environments, will be discussed. this rp identifies factors related to gowning systems that may influence the performance of cleanrooms, including selection, construction, material characteristics, performance, laundering, maintenance, validation, and documentation. the rp also describes test methods used to evaluate relevant properties for cleanroom applications.

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course outline

  • introduction
  • human sourced contamination
  • iest-rp-cc003.5
    • fabric
    • construction
    • garment styles
    • cleanroom garment laundering
    • apparel testing
    • quality programs

who should attend?

those involved with human-sourced contamination control in the operation of controlled environments (end user, system designer, supplier, and launderer/processor).

course materials

  • print copy of iest-rp-cc003.5: garment system considerations for cleanrooms and other controlled environments
  • copy of powerpoint presentation in course binder
  • certificate of attendance for completion of ceus

iest-rp-cc003.5 addresses the gowning of personnel as a critical aspect of cleanroom contamination control. iest-rp-cc003.4 provides non-mandatory guidance for the selection, specification, maintenance, and testing of garments or apparel and accessories appropriate for use in non-aseptic and aseptic environments. included with this edition of the rp is a new 20-page supplement, “guide to measuring cleanroom garments,” which provides recommended garment measurement specifications. the guide includes illustrated instructions for measuring coveralls, frocks, hoods, and footwear.

continuing education units: .6 ceus


jan eudy


next dates and locations

June 11, 2024
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. CT

IEST Training Center
1821 Walden Office Square
1st Floor Conference Room
Schaumburg, Illinois

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