Cleanrooms Won't Fix a Contaminated Product

A cleanroom is an essential tool - not an end in itself. Critical cleaning of the diverse, complex, high-value products that are produced in controlled environments is a different discipline than cleaning the cleanroom itself. This course teaches the essentials of product cleaning, including final cleaning and cleaning prior to activities in cleanrooms.

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Course outline


  • What is critical product cleaning?
    • What products need to be cleaned?
    • A cleanroom is a tool, not an end in itself
    • Cleaning product surfaces and cleaning cleanrooms
      • Similarities and differences
    • Processes that are usually not surface cleaning, eg. heat treatment, passivation, sterilization, disinfection
    • Cleaning process basics – wash/rinse/dry
      • Solubility
      • Wettability
      • Aqueous and solvent cleaning differences
      • "Non-chemical” or “dry” cleaning (eg plasma)
    • Cleaning action - physical forces and temperature
      • Hand cleaning/benchtop cleaning
      • Batch cleaning
      • Ultrasonics
    • Materials Compatibility
    • Why dirt sticks
  • Supply chain
    • Understanding the supply chain
    • Defining and controlling the supply chain
  • Contamination control and critical cleaning challenges
    • Additive manufacturing
    • Miniaturization
    • Supply chain complexities
    • Higher customer expectations
    • Impact of regulations – government, military, corporate
    • Chemical interactions
    • Worker safety/environmental issues
  • Cleaning product in and out of the cleanroom
    • What comes in the door?
    • Cleaning before you get to the cleanroom
    • Using cleanroom real estate wisely
  • Analytics and monitoring
    • Basics of surface cleanliness
      • Comparing cleaning, extraction, and detection
      • Analytical techniques
      • Working with the lab
      • Interpreting results
  • Standards and guidance documents
    • Cleanroom standards versus product cleanliness standards
    • The awful English language
      • Interpreting standards and guidance documents
        • IEST, ISO, military, aerospace, NASA 
      • What you need to know about ISO-14644-9, -10, and -13
    • Dealing with ambiguous and contradictory standards
    • Getting on the same page - and the same surface
  • Achieving rugged, defendable cleaning processes


Who should attend?

  • Assemblers/Operators
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Quality Control Managers
  • Product designers
  • Cleanroom professionals
  • Safety/environmental professionals
  • Purchasing
  • Equipment and material suppliers, including contract manufacturers

Course materials

  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation in course binder
  • Certificate of attendance for completion of CEUs

Continuing Education Units: .6 CEUs


 Barb Kanegsberg



Next dates and locations

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