Beyond HEPAs: Practical Applications of Assessment, Control, and Monitoring for AMC in Microelectronics Manufacturing Applications

In this course attendees will learn the practical aspects of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) control in cleanrooms, with an emphasis on applications for the microelectronics industry. A three-step Assessment, Control, and Monitoring program for the optimum control of AMC will be presented and discussed. Examples of successful AMC control applications will be provided to illustrate the design concepts discussed and their impact on the final choice of systems.

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Course outline


  • Introduction to chemical contamination in the cleanroom
    • Identification and classification of AMC
  • AMC sources and effects
    • Ambient (outdoor) sources
    • Internal sources
  • AMC measurement techniques
    • Direct vs. indirect methods
    • Quantitative vs. semi-quantitative techniques
  • U.S. and international AMC standards and guidelines
    • SEMI
    • ISO
    • ITRS Forecast of AMC Limits
  • AMC control system specifications
    • Control limits for AMC
    • AMC control system requirements
  • Implementing AMC control - three-step methodology for optimum control of AMC
    • Assessment
    • Control
    • Monitoring
  • Gas-phase air filtration principles
    • Adsorption, chemisorption, ion exchange, and factors affecting each
  • Dry-scrubbing air filtration media
    • Plain and chemically impregnated granular media
    • Adsorbent-loaded nonwovens
    • Extruded carbon composites
  • Chemical filters and chemical filtration equipment designs
  • Application areas
    • Makeup (outdoor) air handling systems
    • Recirculation air handling systems
    • FFUs / minienvironments
    • Point-of-use filtration
  • System validation

Who should attend?

You need to learn about practical applications of AMC in cleanrooms because:

  • You are in the microelectronics industry
  • You are a facility manager
  • You are a contamination control engineer, process engineer, or quality assurance/reliability engineer

Course materials

  • Copy of ISO/FDIS 14644-8 and new American National Standard ISO 14644-8: Classification of AMC
  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation in a course binder
  • Certificate of course attendance with completion of CEUs

Continuing Education Units: .6 CEUs



Chris Muller