Humidity Test and Control
iest tri

This course is available as custom location training at your facility.

Understanding how to properly control a humidity test as well as setting one up properly.

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Course outline
  • Understanding what humidity is and what affects it, as well as what it affects
  • Understanding different ways of adding humidity to a system as well as dehumidifying
  • Understanding the different sensors that can be used and their pros and cons
  • Highlighting testing considerations
  • Looking at step by step instructions for running the tests
  • Consideration of things to avoid

Who should attend?

You need practical knowledge on humidity because:
  • You need to know the reasonings behind a humidity test
  • You need to know how to best set up a a humidity test profile
  • You need to learn how to add and remove humidity from a test chamber
  • You do accelerated testing and need to know how humidity can be used here
  • You choose sensors for your applications
  • Other environments are impacting your level of humidity
Course materials
  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation in course binder
  • Certificate of attendance for completion of CEUs
Continuing Education Units: .6 CEUs


Christine Peterson, instructor, iest

Christine Peterson