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Booth 24 at ESTECH 2019

XCAM develops specialised digital camera systems for scientific, industrial and space applications and has developed a particular reputation for being able to produce complex customised systems in short timescales and at reasonable cost, using the many subsystems developed in the past. Whilst many of XCAM’s systems are used in science experiments at large scale science facilities like synchrotrons, our cameras are also used in industrial applications, and increasingly for launching into space on small satellites.

We developed a Particulate Fall-Out Monitor prototype instrument for the European Space Agency, and have created a commercial version of the monitor for PFO contamination monitoring in clean-room environments and will be exhibiting this monitor at ESTECH. XCAM’s PFO1000 series provides real-time monitoring ensuring particle fall-out trends can be tracked, contamination incidents can be identified as they occur, and the time and cost of monitoring is reduced by removing the need for samples to be retrieved. Alarms can also be triggered when cleanliness limits are exceeded. The monitor featues XCAM’s patent pending Direct Particle Detection (DPD) technology: the PFO 1000 series uses high performance silicon sensing to directly observe particles settling on the surface of the sensor. Advanced recognition algorithms detect particle size and profile, providing particle size distribution statistics.


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