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XCAM specialises in providing innovative CCD and CMOS-based imaging solutions for challenging applications in the fields of scientific research, environmental monitoring and for space-flight. We provide tailored solutions using our wide library of camera subsystems combined with custom design. Many of our systems are used in ultra-clean vacuum systems, and based on multi-detector solutions.

4 years ago XCAM began working on the development of a prototype novel particulate monitoring system for the European Space Agency (ESA). The ultimate goal of the project would be for the system to be launched into space to monitor particulate levels within a rocket fairing before, during and shortly after launch. However, ESA specified that the developed system, must also be suitable for use in cleanrooms. The resulting prototype system, which was successfully developed over a 2 year period, delivered all of ESA’s requirements. The system enables remote and continuous monitoring of particulate levels down to 5 microns in size, without human intervention. Alarms can be set to alert the user if specific levels are breached, and all past images of particulate fall-out can be reviewed and analysed retrospectively if required.

Following on from this successful contract, XCAM developed a commercial version of the monitor, which was more suited to operation in a cleanroom environment, and this unit has been available for sale for the last year.

XCAM now begins a new contract for ESA, to develop a flight-qualified version of the monitor which will ultimately be launched on an ESA mission, to measure the contamination levels within the fairing of an Arianne or Vega rocket, before, during and shortly after the launch phase of the mission.

Karen Holland
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