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Since 1981, Veltek Associates, Inc. (VAI) has played an innovative role in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. This has been accomplished by partnering with clients to develop strategic products and services, therefore, notably improving operations and reducing costs associated with the ingress of contamination.

Veltek Associates is an EPA and FDA registered manufacturing facility located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA. Through our four main divisions, Sterile Chemical Manufacturing Division, our Environmental Control Manufacturing Division, our Disposable Garments Manufacturing Division, and finally, our VAI Laboratories we are able to be a global leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We produce a complete range of sterile disinfectants, sporicides, cleaners, lubricants, saturated and dry wipers, CIP detergents, cleaning application equipment, sterile disposable garments, face masks, and viable monitoring equipment. These products are produced with the main focus to identify, reduce and control contamination in classified areas.

Our company holds several US and International patents on products and product packaging. For example, our Easy2Gown Fold System (patent no. 8,006,836) offers disposable garments packaged in an innovative fold which allows the gown to be easily donned with virtually no operator contact on the outside of the gown. Furthermore, the SMA Atrium (pub no. 2011-0167931) is a stainless steel collection device that connects to the SMA OneTouch® Integrated Command System (ICS), SMA Digital Display Control Center (DDC) and the SMA MicroPortableTM Air Sampler, all viable monitoring devices for controlled environments. Finally, VAI was the first manufacturer of the innovative 70% USP Isopropyl Alcohol formulated with 30% Water for Injection. DECON-AHOL®, the trademark product, sanitizes cleanrooms and controlled areas including those used in health care institutions, biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic manufacturing facilities.

Finally, we work with clients, through our consulting firm, to develop strategic products and services that improve operations and reduce costs associated with regulations and the ingress of contamination.



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