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Booth 17 at ESTECH 2019

Berkshire is the global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of cleaning and contamination control products for cleanrooms and controlled environments. We provide customers with technically advanced materials aimed at application specific performance solutions.

As a suppler of products for critical environments, Berkshire’s core business supplies products that carefully balance ideal performance with optimal cleanliness, and offers these products with guaranteed, consistent quality.

To achieve superior levels of product quality, Berkshire has an effective and comprehensive Quality Assurance program throughout its global manufacturing processes

We offer a full line of sterile and autoclavable wipers (dry and pre-wetted), swabs, face masks, glove liners, mopping systems (floor, walls, ceiling, isolators), adhesive mats, cleanroom paper and notebooks, and cleanroom socks.

Controlling, developing, adjusting, improving and monitoring each step of the manufacturing process is the only way to produce the world’s cleanest, most consistent products guaranteed to meet our customer’s exact specifications. Berkshire’s products are truly…ENGINEERED CLEAN.