Sterile Environment Technologies (SET3)

Sterile Environment Technologies (SET3)

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Since 1995, Set3 has cleaned over 70 million square feet of critical environment space as well as hundreds of thousands of server cabinets and other interior electronics. We serve Fortune 50 companies to government facilities to local county and municipalities in the United States and many other countries.

Sterile Environment Technologies (SET3) is a commercial data center cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, maintenance, products and services company, offering Nationwide service and specializing in meeting the needs of high technology customers in sterile and non-sterile Cleanrooms, Data Centers, computer rooms, and other critical environments.

Our goal is to continue to set the industry standard in data center and cleanroom cleaning products and services worldwide.  No matter what size your facility is, from a 100 square foot telco room to a 500,000 square foot complex with raised floor or from a Class 7 Research Lab to a Class 1 Manufacturing Complex, we can service your needs. Examples of our client base include:

  • Small local and municipal computer rooms
  • ISO 1 through 9 Cleanrooms in Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and other fields.

In our controlled-environments capacity we employ and consult with specialized scientific, chemical, airflow, and manufacturing experts worldwide to bring our clients what we call, “The Science of Clean.” This means that every element of our solutions from consulting to services to products have been thoroughly researched and vetted in practical every day applications to ensure you’re getting not just excellent prices and value, but also rock-solid reliability.

Sterile Environment Technologies specializes in cleanroom cleaning / decontamination and certification of class 1 – 100,000 facilities nationwide. (These services should also be applied to labororatories and other critical environments.) Comprehensive cleanroom cleaning and maintenance programs will help to ensure your facilities are operating within their specified classifications from class 1 (M1.5) to 100,000 (M6.5). (For more information on Federal Standard 209E(replaced by ISO standards) and ISO 14644 go to our Federal Standards section.)

Our stringent testing procedures and highly trained personnel are key components in eliminating all possible threats to your cleanroom yield. Let us apply our scientific testing procedures, specialized cleanroom cleaning chemicals/equipment, and provide you with a detailed plan for reducing your cleanroom contaminants and optimizing your facilities’ productivity.

We provide:

  • Highly-trained technicians who specialize in working around sensitive wiring and machines;
  • Cleanroom certified equipment;
  • Even with modern technology and stringent procedures to control particulate contamination, you are still only controlling a portion of cleanroom dangers. Particulates are deposited directly onto surfaces such as floors, walls, work surfaces, and machinery. They may not affect products at the time they are deposited, but over time they pose an increasing threat to your products by causing physical disturbance and eventual breakdown. To reduce a Clean Room’s risks, it is imperative that an effective cleaning program be implemented and maintained consistently throughout the life of the cleanroom. Our initial walkthrough and consultation is provided free of charge and our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.Sterile Environment Technologies (Set3)set3.com800-401-6883
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