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Group of independent companies collaborating in technology, development, marketing and sales, through integration of solutions for parts cleaning, parts renewal, manufacturing, and maintenance of machine parts for the semiconductors, magnetic media, solar,medical and other related industries.

Established: 1988 - ISO 9001-2015 Certified

Our Services/ Parts-Cleaning

The work process includes characterization, design and assembly. The company performs feasibility tests on improved disposable parts, operates various chemical, mechanical and coating processes, utilizing class 4 and class 5  clean rooms.

Based on extensive knowledge in advanced and innovative techniques, many years of experience, as well as skilled personnel, Persys outsourcing facilities provide a high level of parts-cleaning and refurbishing services, resulting in significant cost savings.

Parts-Cleaning Technologies

·        Cleaning with Acids and Bases; Removing depositions from various parts such as: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, quartz, ceramics, and others. Dedicated cleaning tanks are available if required, in order to prevent cross contamination

·        Cleaning with Solvents Wide range of solvents, degreasing agents and detergents for removing oil and grease residuals on new parts

·        Sandblasting with various types of blasting media, alumina, glass, plastic, etc  for required  texture,  Protection of sensitive areas according to customer definition

·        CO2 (dry ice) Blasting and Cleaning  Final parts clean to reduce level of  contaminants and  improve surface texture.

·        Ultrasonic Cleaning and Final Rinse Stainless steel, ultrasonic tanks, Final rinse in DI water at controlled resistivity level

·        Drying and High Temperature Ovens Clean room ovens equipped with HEPA filters and N2 flow. Special treatment at high temperatures

·        Packaging According to customer specification; clean double pack, vacuum, or nitrogen in clean room

·        Particle Level Control; daily particle checks in the clean room, visual check by means of ultraviolet light. Usage of  Particle Control and Monitoring System Non-Destructive Test of Particle Level on Various Materials. Unique product for collecting particles for S.E.M  and chemical analysis

a.      Counts particle size options  0.1 µm– 20 µm 

b.      Cleanliness of Parts, Assy. and  materials

c.       Comparison of parts-clean methods

d.      Clean room garments and consumables

·        Additional Technical Services  Workshop for various repairs of damaged parts received from customers

·        Thermal Coatings Twin Wire Arc Spray coatings of various metals such as aluminum, titanium, copper, etc. Plasma spray of ceramic and refractory oxides, alumina, yttrium, etc.

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Teilch is a Technology company that develops intelligent air quality solutions for a wide range of controlled environments. Teilch’s goal is to help its clients achieve new levels of understanding of their working environment and meet the highest cleanliness regulations by building the most advanced monitoring and control systems.
Teilch has introduced to the market the most competitive airborne particle analyzers as well as cutting-edge hybrid sensor systems that provide meaningful insights, equipping customers with relevant data and systems not offered by traditional monitoring systems. Teilch provides solutions to the semiconductor, healthcare and aerospace industries.
Products: Teilch Particle Analyzers have proven significant advantages when compared to competitors’ solutions. Innovations in light source, flow control, analog and digital signal processing, components integration and software allow Teilch to provide a state of the art system for precision particle analysis.
By acquiring full and continuous particle size spectrum Teilch turns the concept of channels obsolete. This is achieved by utilizing a single stage of analog conditioning and digitalization, allowing classification of particles by software rather than by hardware, which improves reliability and accuracy and provides true particle size profiles.

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Teilch, LLC
1290 Hammerwood Ave - Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Tel: +1 (650)798-4093