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Founded in 1982, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of real time contamination monitoring systems and airborne particle counters. The company has leveraged its superior software design, data integration ability and worldwide support offices to provide its customers with leading edge contamination monitoring solutions. These solutions have allowed Lighthouse’s customers to maintain high product yields through continuously monitoring conditions that may have an adverse effect on their products. 

The Lighthouse Monitoring System and Lighthouse line of airborne particle counters have become the standard for many companies, such as Seagate, Western Digital, TSMC, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Hitachi, Maxtor, Lockheed Martin, Microchip, Medtronic, Fujitsu and many more.

Lighthouse offers the most complete line of contamination monitoring solutions available that include Airborne Particle Counts, Airborne Molecular Contamination Levels, Liquid Particle Counts, Electrostatic Charge, Temperature, Humidity, Total Organic Carbon Monitoring and many more. These solutions are now found in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, data storage, biotechnology, aerospace and defense industry plants worldwide.

The Lighthouse Monitoring Systems was the first ever Open Architecture system that provides its customers the flexibility they need to integrate all types of sensors into one monitoring system. Lighthouse continues to revolutionize the industry through continual software and hardware research and development with a scalable system design that allows the system to grow as your needs grow. This flexibility is built into all aspects of the system to allow for any number of custom interfaces, monitoring or alarming solutions.

The Lighthouse line of particle counters is composed of a complete line of handheld, portable and remote particle counters with features such as touch screen displays with zoom capability, detailed reporting functions, historical data review, removable / rechargeable li-ion batteries, and alpha numeric location labels just to name a few. Lighthouse also designs, installs and maintains some of the largest, most comprehensive contamination monitoring systems in the world and offers a complete package of calibration, service, repair, contamination control training and consultation services.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions will be showcasing our new next level ApexZ50 particle counter, as well as the ActiveCount100H, the most awarded microbial sampler in 2017. The ApexZ3 and Z50’s are the first particle counters designed specifically for the Life Sciences industry. Please stop by for a demo!

You may also contact Peter Maguire, Vice President of System Applications at peterm@golighthouse.com if you would like to schedule an introductory demonstration of these instruments at ESTECH or any other time.
By the way, Lighthouse is currently featured on the cover of the March 2018 issue of Cleanroom Technology. You can click on this image to view this current edition:

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