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Laboratories, research and manufacturing facilities and FDA-regulated companies face challenges that can shut down operations for non-compliance, product recall, and service failures in a GMP or critical area. Our cleanroom professionals are trained to take the utmost care with your fragile equipment and we pay special attention to the cleanliness of your research and product development labs. That same care and attention is also used when servicing your offices and common areas. We’ll apply our industry expertise backed by 100+ years of experience serving facilities like yours.

You have specific needs that we understand. Your facility will be serviced with specialized care by trained employees who know the regulations and strict protocols, measurements and emergency procedures you’re held to. You can be assured of a work force that has the knowledge, training and skill sets to provide a consistent, compliant service program. We can also put customized educational programs in place for continuous internal certification of site service employees.

Your facility will be staffed by a team of local experts. Our support team understands the specific needs of each of your sites and continually tailor solutions to your needs as they evolve. Our strong local presence also means we’ll be able to accommodate any emergency requests for extra resources.

Additionally, ABM’s management techniques and technology can help you develop more precise budget projections and quality control. Companies typically making large investments in laboratories and equipment and spending on research and development can exceed 15% of revenue. Outsourcing to ABM can result in reduced operating manpower and costs and allow you to spend money on what matters most.

We service a variety of life sciences and technology facilities - manufacturing, R&D, and corporate headquarters - and we take all our clients’ building operations to new levels of success. You can rely on our proven facility services — integrated or stand-alone — to improve your property through:

·        metrics

·        greater efficiencies

·        dedicated on-site management

·        100% customizable solutions

·        industry best practices

ABM's comprehensive capabilities include janitorial, facilities engineering, electrical & lighting, energy solutions, HVAC & mechanical, landscape, mission critical and parking, provided through stand-alone or integrated solutions.