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ESD and Charge Issues for High Technology Manufacturing Managers iest cci

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This course is aimed at technical and general management. It presents an overview of how static charge comes about in the manufacturing process, how it effects the bottom line, and what sort of control measures can be used to curtail the problems generated by static electricity.

Course outline     Who should attend?     Course materials     Instructor

Course outline
  • The effects of static charge in high technology manfacturing
    • Cleanrooms
    • Mechanical and electrical assembly processes
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • What causes static charge?
    • Triboelectric charging
    • Charging by induction
  • Dealing with insulators
  • Static charge control methods and equipment

Who should attend?

I need to understand more about ESD because:
  • I am an engineering or general manager who needs to understand enough about these issues to make sound decisions in the process.
Course materials
  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation in a course binder
  • Certificate of course attendance with completion of CEUs
Continuing Education Units: .1 CEUs 


Lawrence Levit, instructor, iest Dr. Lawrence Levit