Cleanroom Fundamentals: Contamination Control, ESD Control, and Monitoring

Cleanroom Fundamentals: Contamination Control, ESD Control, and Monitoring

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Cleanroom environments provide a high degree of environmental control for manufacturing or scientific research. The extent of environmental control begins in the planning stage and continues through the construction, qualification and operation of the cleanroom. The objective of this course is to gain a fundamental understanding of contamination and its effects; introduce ISO cleanroom standards; understand the “class number” of a cleanroom; understand the principles of how a cleanroom works; know the strategy to minimize contamination from personnel; understand principles of electrostatics and ESD control; and understand the fundamental tools required to maintain and monitor a cleanroom.

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Course outline


  • Fundamentals of Cleanrooms and Contamination Control
    • What is a Cleanroom?
    • What is Contamination?
    • Cleanroom Standards
    • Cleanroom Design Basics
    • Controlling Contamination
  • Fundamentals of ESD
    • Why are we Concerned with ESD?
    • What is Electrostatics, ESD, and Charge?
    • History of ESD and Concerns
    • Charging Modes
    • Principles of ESD Control
  • Contamination Monitoring
    • Fundamentals of Particle Counting
    • Cleanroom Testing and Monitoring

Who should attend?

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Course materials

  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation in course binder
  • Certificate of attendance for completion of CEUs

  • Continuing Education Units: 1.2 CEUs


     Morgan Polen