Introducing a New Product? Looking for New Sales Leads?


The Online Buyer's Guide focuses on products and services from industry-leading vendors...vendors like YOU! It showcases your new product literature in a quick and easy-to-read format and provides basic information about your products or services to interested customers. With more than 361,000 hits a month on the IEST website, your products and services will be viewed daily by hundreds of prospective customers.

A hyperlink offers one-click access to your website!

Leads are typically sent to your designated contact via e-mail twice a month to keep your hot leads hot! On average, companies having a listing receive 30 leads per quarter.


Time Period Corporate Sponsor
Discount Rate
Regular Rate
Quarterly Included $250
Yearly Included $600

To reserve your space, complete the Industry Partner Interest form.

*Material can be replaced once during annual period at the beginning of a quarter at no additional cost. Quarterly rate will apply to any additional changes.

For more information, contact IEST at or call (847) 981-0100.