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TEST Engineering & Management is published six times a year.  TEST is a magazine edited and published to provide a forum for the exchange of state-of-the-art ideas and information among reliability/qualification testing professionals who perform physical and mechanical testing and/or environmental simulation.

We specifically seek to inform and educate our subscribers through technically bylined  articles written by those who work hands-on in the field, and through material  generated by the  editorial staff. We seek to deal with areas of the physical and mechanical  testing and  environmental simulation test industry that are emerging, controversial, not  sufficiently  understood, and/or little-discussed, some at a tutorial level. In addition, we  channel news of the  industry and offer discussions of state-of-the-art test equipment and  techniques.

We direct TEST to test engineers, managers, scientists, executives, consultants,  educators, technical marketers, test technicians, and service engineers whose work relates to  physical and mechanical testing and environmental simulation itself, or the production of  equipment, instruments, and/or components for such testing. 


TEST is distributed free to individuals who qualify themselves on the subscription application form available on our website and in every issue of the magazine.  For more information:




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